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This image says, "6 Ways to Make Worksheets More Engaging" and includes and example of a color by code 2d shape worksheet.

6 Ways to Make Worksheets More Engaging

As a primary teacher, my main objective is to make sure my kids are learning all of the foundational skills they need in an engaging format. I don’t want them JUST to learn. I want them to have fun learning! Because of this, I’ve learned some tips and tricks to

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This image says, "Summer Learning Activities Your Students Will Love" and shows examples of math and literacy worksheets with fun summer themes.

Summer Learning Activities Your Students Will Love!

Looking for some fun, summer learning activities to close out the year? Want to send home some summer learning activities with your students? Do you teach summer school? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re in the right place. Today I’m bringing you a summer roundup of

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This image says, "Data and Graphing Activities for Kindergarten" and includes examples of fun and hands on graphing activities that have seasonal themes like back to school and winter.

Data and Graphing Activities for Kindergarten

Teaching data and statistics in kindergarten is one of my favorite things! As students learn to organize, represent, and interpret data; their eyes light up with interest! If you’re looking for a fun and simple way to incorporate these essential math concepts into your teaching routine, you’re in the right

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This image showcases some different April activities you can use in your classroom with the text, "8 April Activities Your Students Will Love!"

8 April Activities Your Students Will Love!

Who’s ready for an April Activity Round-Up?! As someone who LOVES springtime, I’m excited to share some of my favorite lessons and centers to use during the month of April. These April activities are designed to beat boredom, reduce your workload, and help you sail toward those final weeks of

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This image features the text "Engaging March Activities for Early Learning" and a photo of various math worksheets and center games with a St. Patrick's Day theme.

Engaging March Activities for Early Learning

I don’t know about you guys, but I just LOVE springtime! After a long and dreary winter, planning some fun, spring-themed lessons is just what I need! If you’re ready to start spring with a bang, you’ll love this list of engaging March activities for primary learners. Let’s sprinkle some

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Use these fun February activities to boost engagement in your classroom as you focus on math, ELA, writing along with some special holidays during the month.

Fun February Activities to Boost Engagement

February is filled with fun learning opportunities for primary students! It’s a bright spot at the end of winter when the weather is a bit dreary and kiddos are less engaged. Plus, there are tons of fun holidays to learn about during the month of February, making thematic teaching a

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Use these fun and exciting math and ELA January activities for kindergarten in your classroom this year.

6 January Activities for Kindergarten

Chilly weather, polar animals, and snowmen… it must be January! This “fresh start” to the year is the perfect time to update your learning centers, small group activities, and classroom lessons for winter. If you’re ready to plan fun and engaging January activities your students will love, you’ve come to

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