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A Look Back….

Ok……I really need to get the hang of this blogging thing and really start posting. I go to school and take all these great pictures of things we do and keep telling myself that I will make a post very soon and it never happens. I am determined to find a good balance between everything and have time to share different things we do in my classroom. And it will help me look back next year to remember everything we did. So here goes…..

A few weeks ago we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day! This is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate at school. So many fun things to do and learn and the kids love that mischievous little leprechaun. Here’s a look of some things we did that week.

Working on our poetry notebooks from the amazing DeeDee Wills!

During math centers we used some great activities from A Differentiated Kindergarten!

My kids loved playing this domino game from the wonderful Jennifer Drake!

We also practiced some base 10 with this fun activity from Growing Kinders!

We also sent home a family project this week. The students had to make a leprechaun trap to catch that sneaky leprechaun. I think their traps came out amazing!!!! All the directions and parent letters came from Ashley Reed’s packet. I was so impressed with all of them!!!

We set up all of the traps so that our room would be safe from those leprechauns. Unfortunately, they still found their way into our room, made it passed all of the traps, and destroyed everything! The kids were so surprised when they came back the next day to find this……

 They even found little leprechaun footprints!

Even though no one caught the leprechaun, they did find some gold, a necklace, and a note from the leprechaun in each of their traps. They were so excited to find all of the goodies the leprechaun left them!

The traps were too cute to send home right away so we had to display them in the hallway for everyone to see.

To finish up the week, the students wrote “How to Catch a Leprechaun,” and made this cute leprechaun craft from the wonderful Kim Adsit for the cover! I forgot to take a picture of the final project. Sorry!

Thanks for stopping by!

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