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Back to School Giveaway!!!

Hey guys! We started back to school this week and can we say that I am exhausted!!! There is no kind of tired like first week of school teacher tired. So with that being said. I am going to keep this post short and sweet and to the point.
Me and some amazing other bloggers have teamed up for an amazing giveaway!!! This is perfect for back to school and you have to check it out!!! We are giving away and iPad Air 2!!! What teacher wouldn’t love to win an iPad for their classroom! Not only do you get an iPad, but you also get this adorable case, a stylus, and an iTunes gift card!!! Perfect way to start off the school year. Click the image below to head over to enter the giveaway.
I currently have 4 iPads in my classroom and we use them all the time and love them! Yes, I did purchase these on my own and was not compensated by the school but it is totally worth it. There are so many different things that your kids can do on an iPad. The possibilities are endless. I was skeptical at first, but my best blogging buddy, Mary from Sharing Kindergarten, convinced me that I had to give it a try and I am so glad that I did! Let me quickly tell you a few of the millions of things that we loved doing on the iPads last year.
My kids ultimate favorite app is Timmy Learns Colors and Shapes. Not sure if I am a little biased at all but Mary did help create the app so I knew it was amazing before I bought it. This app has fun quick games to help students learn their shapes and colors. There are different levels that the students can work up to. One of my favorite things about the app is that It can have different users so each child has their own account and can work on the levels they need. Awesome!!! It’s only $1.99 and it is totally worth every penny. 
 One of our favorite apps to use during writing time is ChatterPix. I will have my students write a story first. After the story has been written, the kids will illustrate a picture of the main character. This will be the “voice” of their story. They will take a picture of their drawing and record their their self reading the story. Now when you play back the recording, it looks like their drawing is telling the story! How awesome is that! Great way to encourage kids to write too! Here’s a few sample videos.
You can also click here to read a previous blog post I wrote about this app.
The last thing I want to feature is a product you can buy to go with your iPad. Mary told me about this new thing coming out called an Osmo and they were asking teachers to try it out for an insanely low price and she told me I had to get some. So by this point I have learned to trust her and do what she says so why should I question this. So I grabbed 2 of course. I had no clue what it was but was willing to give it a try. I fell in love!!! It is a camera/mirror that attaches to the top of your iPad and a stand. This turns your iPad into a smart camera thing and it knows what your kids are doing. So, you get a box of tangrams and a box of letters. The app will show the kids an image and they have to create the image with the shapes that they have. If they put a shape in the correct place, the shape will light up. It’s great immediate feedback and helps students with learning to turn, rotate, slide, combine, and manipulate shapes.
Then with the other app, you can play it solo or compete against one person. One person has the red letter and the other person has the blue letters. An image will flash on the screen and the kids will have to find the letter that begins with that picture and put it infront of the iPad. And the app keeps score and everything for the players. You can also move up to building CVC words and practicing letter sounds, and letter matching. So many options to do and the kids love them!!!

Now head on over to enter this amazing giveaway and I am going to go rest my tired feet and get ready for Day 3 of school. Good luck!!!

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