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Use these fun activities and games to help build a strong phonemic awareness program in your classroom.

8 Key Skills to a Strong Phonemic Awareness Program

Phonemic awareness is a BIG topic in primary education. There’s a lot to cover, and many different ways to go about it! If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the options, I’ve got good news! Today we’re chatting about the 8 key skills you should be looking for in

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Use these fun November activities with themes like turkeys, Thanksgiving and more for learning your students will love.

6 November Activities Your Students Will Love!

November is a month full of discovery in the primary classroom! With fun themes like turkeys and Thanksgiving, what’s not to love? If you’re hoping to find something new to add to your lesson plan this month, come along to check out my favorite November activities! What to Teach in

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Use these fun phonics games to help your students practice blending sounds in centers, small groups, or as independent practice.

Phonics Games to Practice Blending Sounds

Are you working with your students on phonemic awareness skills, like blending sounds? If so, I’ve got good news… phonics games will make your life SO much easier! Let’s chat about how phonics games will be a total game-changer when it comes to snagging student attention (and keeping it) while

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Use these fun fall September activities to enhance math, ELA, fine motor skills practice, and more this September.

5 Fun September Activities for Kindergarten

September is one of my absolute favorite months in the classroom. In my area, September means we’ve been in a school for a couple of weeks, and the kiddos are finally starting to get the hang of things. Once my students feel a bit more comfortable at school and have

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Looking for fun back to school counting games your students will love? Try out these printable and digital no prep back to school counting games you can use in your classroom this year.

Back to School Counting Games for Kindergarten

Back to school means it’s time to start focusing on beginning math skills like counting. One of my best tips for helping new learners grasp this concept is to use simple and engaging games in my classroom. As littles are learning the ropes, fun games help keep them focused and

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Use these 6 fun back to school activities for kindergarten to start your year off in an organized and amazing way you and your students will love!

6 Fun Back to School Activities for Kindergarten

Are you gearing up for the first week of school? If so, let’s plan together! Today I’m sharing some of my favorite back to school activities for kindergarten. These low-prep, engaging lessons and activities are just what you need to calm the chaos and have a fantastic back to school

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Letter recognition practice can be fun and easy with these 5 fun kindergarten letter recognition games your students will love.

5 Fun Kindergarten Letter Recognition Games

In kindergarten, we spend at least one part of every single day working on letter recognition. This is a yearlong topic of study in the kindergarten classroom and one that our students need lots of exposure with! Whenever we’re targeting a skill repeatedly like this, I’m careful to choose lessons

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