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Bringing Science into the Literacy Block

Science is one of my favorite things to teach, but can never find time to teach well. In my classroom, I’ve had to embrace lessons with cross-curricular elements to ensure that my students are exposed to all of the important topics in science that they must learn. 

Adding science to your reading and literacy block is a great way to teach standards in both areas

A great place to work in some extra science teaching is during your literacy block! 

Easy ways to Bring Science into Reading

Read Alouds

This is perhaps the easiest way to teach science standards outside of the science block. Just read about it! In the winter, I love to teach a thematic unit about Polar Animals, so polar bear, penguin, and other arctic animals make their way into our reading. I have several favorite read alouds that I use during this time of year, and they lend themselves well to reinforcing science standards!

Research Projects

After doing all of that reading about polar animals, it’s always nice to finish a unit with a research project! Research incorporates both reading and writing, so it’s the perfect blend of literacy and science work! I love to see my students take ownership of their own learning, and end a project with something to present to the class. There’s so much accomplishment built into a research project! 

Writing Stories about Animals 

Another way to work science into literacy is to take the centers you already have, and swapping out some of the instructions to be about your science topic. So, in writing, ask students to write a story about their life as a polar bear. Or, have students imagine what a polar bear would need to survive if they brought one home as a pet. This incorporates what they’ve learned in science, but fuses it with creative writing which is extra engaging! 

Digital Polar Animals Lapbooks

I have developed a line of lapbooks for Google that are the perfect thing to teach science in your reading block! These lapbooks initially were printable only, but now you use the digital version to adapt to any teaching situation you may find yourself in this winter! 

The digital lapbooks include: 


  • KWL Chart
  • Embedded Videos
  • Labeling
  • Research
  • Vocabulary
  • Writing
  • …and more!

For the winter months, grab the digital lapbooks for Polar Bears, Walruses, or Penguins! Your students will have a blast learning about these animals, and you will love blending your science standards into your literacy block! 



Google Classroom Digital Polar Bears Lapbook for Kindergarten or 1st grade January science lesson. Can be used digitally in whole groups or independently and includes labeling, vocabulary, facts, video, life cycle, and more. 
Google Classroom Walrus Digital Lapbook for Kindergarten or 1st grade students to use independently or in small groups with a January science lessons. Includes facts, labeling, videos, life cycle, vocabulary, and more.



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