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Category: Halloween

Peek at Week: Spiders

Last week was everything bats! It was a jam packed week and full of learning. I have never seen my kids so excited to learn! And I love teaching all things fall and Halloween so this was perfect!!! We started by creating a fun KWL chart to see what we

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Peek at my Week: Pumpkins!

Last week was a busy but fun week! I was out of the classroom for two days to attend the 1st Grade SDE Conference and it was amazing! I left with so many ideas and was so inspired by all the presenters and other teachers. I cannot wait to use

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Peek at My Week: Monsters

I’m stopping by really quick to share a look at what we will be doing this week. We will be talking about Monsters! This is one of my favorite October units! I am so excited for this week. Sadly, I will only be at school for three days this week.

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