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Category: pumpkins

Summer Reading Stash: Non-Fiction

Hey guys! I’m back for another week of Summer Reading Stash! I hope you guys are having a great time hopping around and finding new books to add to your classroom library. I know I have added a ton to my wishlist! This week we are bringing you some great

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Peek at Week: Veteran’s Day

Today Haylee had the honor of marching in our city’s Veteran’s Day parade with her school band. They did amazing! One proud momma over here. And yes, as my husband likes to point out, I was THAT mom that followed them the entire parade recording the entire thing. #crazymommma Last

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Peek at Week: Pumpkins Take Two

I write this post with a heavy heart today. I have been struggling all weekend to find the right words to say but there is none. Yesterday, my school family suffered a great lost. Our amazing secretary, Brenda, passed away unexpectedly. It still does not feel real. She was the

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Peek at Week: Pumpkins

Last week was one of the busiest weeks of the school year. Field Trip and Fall Fest all the same week. Yup, that means there is one tired teacher sitting on this couch. I was the coordinator for our Field Trip to the Pumpkin Patch and we had such an

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Peek at my Week: Pumpkins!

Last week was a busy but fun week! I was out of the classroom for two days to attend the 1st Grade SDE Conference and it was amazing! I left with so many ideas and was so inspired by all the presenters and other teachers. I cannot wait to use

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