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This image shows fun and engaging phonics games you can use to teach middle sounds in lower elementary including "Roll and Write" . "Roll and Read", and "Feed Me!".

Using Phonics Games to Teach Middle Sounds

Looking for fun and engaging ways to teach middle sounds in your phonics lessons? Come along to see how small group games transformed my teaching when it came to this skill. Not only will your students be engaged and grasp middle sounds with ease, but they’ll also have fun along

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This image showcases phonemic awareness activities for beginning sounds and blending and says, "At Home Phonemic Awareness Games."

At Home Phonemic Awareness Games

Summertime means school is out, and kids are home! But how do we ensure that our students don’t lose everything they’ve learned during the school year over those summer months? This is the question that so many teachers ponder as the year winds down. If you’re in the same boat,

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This image showcases some different April activities you can use in your classroom with the text, "8 April Activities Your Students Will Love!"

8 April Activities Your Students Will Love!

Who’s ready for an April Activity Round-Up?! As someone who LOVES springtime, I’m excited to share some of my favorite lessons and centers to use during the month of April. These April activities are designed to beat boredom, reduce your workload, and help you sail toward those final weeks of

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This image says " Teaching Segmenting With Small Group Games" and includes an image of a variety of phonemic awareness activities like "Match and Cover". With each game, students will segment words into sounds using fun materials like a spinner, moveable cards and a fly swat!

Teaching Segmenting with Small Group Games

Teaching segmenting is a topic that can be challenging to cover in the kindergarten classroom. This important phonemic awareness skill will help young students become strong readers, but how do we make this practice fun and engaging? Games to the rescue! Small group games will be a lifesaver as you

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This image features the text "Engaging March Activities for Early Learning" and a photo of various math worksheets and center games with a St. Patrick's Day theme.

Engaging March Activities for Early Learning

I don’t know about you guys, but I just LOVE springtime! After a long and dreary winter, planning some fun, spring-themed lessons is just what I need! If you’re ready to start spring with a bang, you’ll love this list of engaging March activities for primary learners. Let’s sprinkle some

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Teaching word families is a fun way to help boost reading fluency and help students recognize phonetic patterns in kindergarten!

Teaching Word Families in Kindergarten

Are you looking to level up your phonics lessons in a fun and engaging way? If so, I know you’ll love adding word families to your weekly teaching routine. If you’re a primary teacher working with young students, teaching word families will be an absolute game-changer when it comes to

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Use these fun activities and games to help build a strong phonemic awareness program in your classroom.

8 Key Skills to a Strong Phonemic Awareness Program

Phonemic awareness is a BIG topic in primary education. There’s a lot to cover, and many different ways to go about it! If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the options, I’ve got good news! Today we’re chatting about the 8 key skills you should be looking for in

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Use these fun phonics games to help your students practice blending sounds in centers, small groups, or as independent practice.

Phonics Games to Practice Blending Sounds

Are you working with your students on phonemic awareness skills, like blending sounds? If so, I’ve got good news… phonics games will make your life SO much easier! Let’s chat about how phonics games will be a total game-changer when it comes to snagging student attention (and keeping it) while

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Teaching ending sounds with games means your students will be excited to practice and learn ending sounds independently, in centers, or even as a whole group.

Teaching Ending Sounds with Games

Are you in need of a fun way to teach ending sounds in your classroom? Games to the rescue! Using games to teach ending sounds and other phonics skills is my favorite way to boost engagement and make learning fun! Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite games and

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