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Category: snow

Peek at Week: Winter

We survived the first week back after Christmas Break!!! Is it just me or does it almost feel like the first week of school all over again? It took a few days to settle back into our routine but we made it. Unfortunately I will be out for the next

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Peek at Week: Catch Up…Again

Well this has been a crazy interesting week. Yes we will call it interesting. I was so excited for this week and all of the crazy Dr. Seuss shenanigans that we were going to do in our classroom. Always so many fun things we try to cram into one week. 

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Peek at Week: Do-over Week

Ok, let me just start by saying that I am a true Southern and know nothing about snow. Well this past week, we got hit with a massive snowstorm. I know it’s nothing like up north but 9 inches of snow definitely shuts this town down. It was insane. Now,

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Peek at Week – Snowmen

It’s that time again…back to school after this amazing winter break. It was so nice and relaxing and I totally took advantage of being as lazy as possible. Of course I had a to do list of personal and school related a mile long that I wanted to accomplish and

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