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These fun space lapbook activities will engage your students with all things space.

Engaging Space Lapbook Activities Your Students Will Love

Teaching about space is such a fascinating and fun subject! When teaching concepts like these, especially to young minds, using a hands-on, interactive approach is important. Engaging their growing brains in a hands-on way helps them to learn and understand new concepts in a fun way. As teachers, it seems

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Peek at Week: Space

Can you believe that it is almost the end of the school year! I feel like this last month flies by with all of the end of school year craziness. How many days do you have left? We have 11 1/2 days left that will speed by! Trying to keep

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Peek at Week: Dinosaurs

What a busy busy week. There was not a single moment to sit down or breathe. So glad the craziness is over. Last week was our accreditation. It was a long long stressful 4 day process but we all did great and we passed!!! We are now internationally accredited and

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