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Getting in as much numbers practice as possible in Kindergarten is essential for your kiddos. Use these spring counting games to get in even more fun counting practice this year.

Spring Counting Games for Kindergarten

In kindergarten, we spend a lot of our time working with numbers. From the first day of school until the last, you can bet we’re talking about numbers or counting in some capacity each and every day. In my room, I’m a big fan of using fun and engaging, seasonal

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Peek at Week: Oviparous

St. Patrick’s Day is one of my favorite days to celebrate in the classroom. The kids get so excited about the mystery of this little leprechaun who comes out only one this one special day. We tried cramming so many activities into this. Couldn’t fit them all in but we

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Peek at Week: St. Patrick’s Day

Stopping by for a quick Peek at our Week post. Hubby is leaving to head back to Alabama today so I want to spend every last second I can with him 🙂 Last week we finished up our Dr. Seuss unit. Little delayed because of all of the snow and

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