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Use these fun and engaging googles slides to keep your kids learning this summer!

Kindergarten Google Slides for the Summer

Happy summer! Are you look for fun ways to keep your kids engaged and learning at home? Maybe you are homeschooling or tutoring this summer and need some fun digital activities to use in your lessons. Well, come look at some fun summer resources that I cannot wait to use

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How Teachers Recharge

We teachers work very hard during 10 months of school. We work long hours, weekends, pretty much 24/7 for 10 months straight. Now it is Summer Break and it is our time to rest and recharge!!! There are so many ways to recharge over the summer. Some people travel the

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Summertime Craft Projects

Hey guys! I’m linking up with my blogging friends to bring you some fun ideas and a GIVEAWAY!!! Summertime is my time to catch up on all of those “Pinterst-y” fun crafts that I have been pinning all year and never have time to make. If you are looking for

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