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Category: TPT Seller Challenge

Make Your Masterpiece

It’s that time again for Week 3 of the #TPTSellerChallenge. This week we were inspired to create something completely new or finish a product that has been sitting on your computer forever. Well after thinking about this challenge I decided that my Reading Street series isn’t anything really new even

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Dare to Dream

I am so excited for Week 2 of the TPT Seller Challenge! This week we are sharing our dreams, big and small. TPT has truly changed my life, not only in teaching but also in my personal life. I cannot imagine where I would be without TPT and now blogging.

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Makeover Madness

Oh! My! Goodness! Look at this amazing blog!!! Kristen over at Chalk & Apples really outdid herself. I am still in shock over how amazing it looks. I cannot believe that this blog is mine. It is better than I could have ever imagined. Every time I look at it,

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