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This image says, "6 Ways to Make Worksheets More Engaging" and includes and example of a color by code 2d shape worksheet.

6 Ways to Make Worksheets More Engaging

As a primary teacher, my main objective is to make sure my kids are learning all of the foundational skills they need in an engaging format. I don’t want them JUST to learn. I want them to have fun learning! Because of this, I’ve learned some tips and tricks to

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Fine motor skills are not only easy to teach, but also fun for your students to practice with these playdough activities they will love.

Targeting Fine Motor Skills with Playdough

Kindergarten is a year of endless learning. In addition to basic phonics, beginning math, and writing skills, our kiddos are also growing in fine motor development. As a primary teacher, I’m always looking for new ways to support fine motor skills among my students. If you are too, you’ll love

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This image says, "12 Fun Fine Motor Alphabet Activities for Kindergarten" and includes a photo of an example of a letter mat that students can use to build letters with plaudough.

12 Fun Fine Motor Alphabet Activities for Kindergarten

It is so important for students to practice fine motor skills every day, especially in kindergarten! At this age, students are still physically growing and developing, including those important hand and wrist muscles that are the base of fine motor skills. As teachers, we need to provide them with opportunities

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