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Currently June

My first Currently!!!! I am so excited to be linking up with Farley and her monthly currently. I am hoping to get the hang of blogging this summer so that I can get better at blogging during the school year. So here goes nothing. Here is my June currently:

Listening: Me and my daughter have became obsessed with Zulily. We browse the new deals everyday together. It’s like our little bonding time. I would say we make a purchase at least once a week. This order had her 5th grade graduation dress and shoes along with a few other summer dresses and a box set of Preschool Prep DVDs for my classroom. Love this website! Click on the link above to browse.

Loving: Today was a half day of packing up the room then my Kindergarten team went out to lunch before we went our separate ways for summer vacation! So glad it is summer break but I will miss my amazing coworkers and kids. But am going to love sleeping in and relaxing some.

Thinking: We are in the process of a few mini renovations on our home in case we end up moving this summer. If we move we will rent out our house and I need to have it rent ready soon just to be prepared. I really need to do some cleaning since the flooring people will be here in the morning. Ahhhh!!!!

Wanting: I have been so stressed recently about not know what this summer will hold. There is a chance that me and my daughter will have to pack up spur of the moment to move to Fort Rucker to join my husband or we may stay here for an extra year. My husband recently moved to Fort Rucker due to the army but will only be there about 15 months then move again. I do not want to have to have my daughter change schools that much and me change jobs that much so we are still undecided on if we are moving or not. I have applied for jobs down in Alabama and if I get hired then we move and if not we stay. I just wish I would know something soon!!!! It’s driving me crazy, lol.

Needing: I have a Zumba class in an hour and really need to get off the couch and get dressed but am lacking the motivation. Don’t get me wrong, I love Zumba and love going. Once I get there I will be motivated, but the couch and Wife Swap are screaming “don’t leave us!”

Summer Bucket List: My daughter is still in school until Friday so we cannot start our summer just yet. I will definitely enjoy these few days of peace and quiet around the house and try to get a lot accomplished while she’s still in school. But once she is out, we are heading to New York to see my grandparents and visit the city. We go every year with my mom and this is one girls trip I look forward to all year. No husbands allowed. Just the girls!

I hope to be back very soon to share some things that we have done over the school year. 
Happy Summer!

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