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Cyber Monday Wishlist

Ok, who loves Black Friday?!?!?! This girl right here does!! I love searching the sale ads, making a plan of attack, fighting the crowds, and grabbing those awesome deals. It is a crazy thrill that I look forward to every year! Surprisingly this year I did most of my shopping online before we even headed out. Let me tell you people, online is totally the way to go. Let’s just say that after spending way to much online at Aeropostale and at Kohl’s, I really didn’t have to go out but I still totally did. But We did score some awesome things and stocked up on winter clothes for our polar freeze move to Kansas in a few short months. I am so not ready for cold weather!!!
Anyways, I am so excited about Cyber Monday! More shopping and all online from the comfort of my couch. Now who agrees with me that we totally need Cyber Monday off so that we can shop in our PJs all day long! Raising both hands over here. 
And of course, TPT is having a huge sale! So I definitely need the day off to shop for classroom resources. That’s work related so it should count as a workday instead šŸ™‚ I am linking up with Jen from Teaching in the Tongass for a most wishlisted linky!
Check out some of the top wish listed items from my store that you may want to snatch up during the big sale!
My kids love Interactive notebooks and these are great at helping them learn their sight words! They are so excited to use these every day! Check them out below.
Like I said, we love Interactive Notebooks and my kids beg for them. We even use them with our Reading Curriculum to help reinforce those skills. It makes teaching the curriculum so much more enjoyable for me and for the kids. These are great for small groups, whole groups, and centers. Check them out below.
Finally is my SmartBoard Companions. These have been an absolute lifesaver for me. These take zero prep work for you which is a definite win! They cover every skill in the basal so you won’t miss anything. Perfect to leave for a sub too! And even better, they are interactive and engaging for the kids. Many slides are even great for center work! Check them out below.
I have a few new Flippy Flaps that I posted this week that would be perfect to grab during the sale to use during the month of December. We are loving the Flippy Flaps and we learn so much while making them! Check them out below.

Now head on over to my store to grab some amazing deals! Everything in my store will be 20% off for a total savings of 28% off! Don’t forget to enter the code word SMILE! Happy shopping!

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