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Fun Dinosaur Lapbook Activities

Teaching young students about dinosaurs is always fun and exciting for everyone. Whenever I am doing a deep dive on a new concept, I like to introduce the skill in a hands-on and interactive way. This helps students comprehend, learn and practice in a fun and engaging way! One of my favorite hands-on activities is creating a lapbook, or as we call them, flippy flaps! This is a simple yet effective way to teach new concepts and students love them! Let’s take a closer look at some of these fun, dinosaur lapbook activities!

What is a Lapbook

If you aren’t familiar with lapbooks, let’s change that! These will easily become a favorite in your classroom once you see how simple they are to teach students in a hands-on and interactive way.

Lapbooks are a great tool to use in the classroom! They are comparable to an interactive notebook but they focus on one subject at a time. This allows students to take a dig into the subject. It also keeps all their information in one place which is great for young students!

A great bonus to lapbooks is that they are so simple to create and don’t require a ton of prep work or time. These go beyond normal day-to-day worksheets but are still easy to create. And . . . they definitely take learning up a notch.

I love to use lapbooks with themed learning. You can create lapbooks for just about any subject you’d like. The students love having the finished book and they are so proud of their work.

Let’s talk about all the fantastic dinosaur ideas and activities this Dinosaur Lapbook resource has to offer!

Prepping Your Dinosaur Lapbook

Before you get started adding all the information to the dinosaur lapbook, you will need to collect just a few items to get you off on the right foot! There are a few materials you will need and just a small amount of prep work to get you on your way to creating a dinosaur masterpiece with your class. Here are some things you will need to create your very own lapbook:

Prep your dinosaur lapbook with supplies you probably already have on hand like scissors, glue, folders, and crayons.
  • manila file folders
  • crayons and/or colored pencils
  • glue
  • scissors
  • print outs OR dinosaur lapbook activities

Now you are all set! Not too bad, right? Most of these items are in your everyday classroom, to begin with!

Once you grab all your items you are ready to jump in and create your very own dinosaur masterpiece!

All About Dinosaurs Using Dinosaur Lapbook

Dinosaurs are always a fun and exciting subject to learn about in the classroom.

Use these interactive hands on activities to teach your students all about different types of dinosaurs and their characteristics.

Students love to learn about all the different types of dinosaurs and fun facts surrounding the cool creatures! Most students are at least somewhat familiar with dinosaurs, which makes it even more exciting to talk about. Your class will learn new facts about dinosaurs but also get to review facts they already know.

This resource is packed with lessons, facts, and information about dinosaurs that go beyond just science. Before we jump in, I like to sit and chat with students about dinosaurs. What do they already know, what is their favorite dinosaur, have they ever seen a cool dinosaur movie? This sets the stage for the lesson and get’s students focused and ready to learn more! Let’s check out some of the fun activities included in this bundle!

Learning About Dinosaurs with a Dinosaur Lapbook

Students will love describing dinosaurs using the Dinosaurs can. . ., Dinosaurs have. . ., and Dinosaurs are. . . I love to have students add what they already know about dinosaurs at the beginning of our unit. Then at the end of the unit we come back and add lots more. It’s a great way for students to see just what they learned.

Researching and learning about dinosaurs with this dinosaur lapbook means your students will be engaged and excited to learn and retain the information.

Another activity focuses on learning all about the body parts of a dinosaur. They will learn about their teeth, plates, tail and how to identify them. This is a great kickstart to the lesson! You can’t have a dinosaur lesson without talking about the different types of dinosaurs and how they differ from one another.

Most students will have a favorite dinosaur and will be familiar with popular dinosaurs like the Tyrannosaurus Rex, but there are other types they may not know much about. This is a great way to show them the different species of dinosaurs that used to roam the Earth. There is also a great section that talks about their habitats, diets, and babies!

More Dinosaur Lapbook Activities

Anytime we talk about a new subject I like to include a vocabulary section. There are usually words that correspond with the lessons that may be new and unfamiliar to students. This is a great learning experience but also helps them to understand and comprehend the lesson better. In this dinosaur lapbook there are vocabulary words like paleontologist, herbivore, carnivore, and extinct along with its definition. This is likely the first time students have seen these words so it is a great addition to the book!

Students will also learn all about paleontologists! Paleontologists are the scientists that study and identify dinosaurs. Students love hearing about how these scientists spend their days digging for old dino bones! When they are done learning, they will jump right into the Paleontologists can / have / are describing activity.

There is an entire section dedicated to researching different types of dinosaurs. This guided research activity is the perfect way to introduce even the youngest students to basic research concepts. It’s also a great way to talk about the difference between facts and opinions.

Additionally, there is a great comparison activity that allows students to compare dinosaurs to similar and familiar reptiles that exist alongside us today. Students are amazed to find out that the dinosaurs are related to many animals they have seen.

As you can see, there is no shortage of fun and engaging activities to add to your lapbook, that are both fun and educational at the same time! If these activities are sounding great to you, then lapbooks could be a perfect addition to your classroom! While we discussed a few of the awesome activities packed into this bundle, there is so much more learning to be had with this dinosaur lapbook!

Grab Your Dinosaur Lapbook!

Your students are going to love creating their very own lapbook they can keep and show off to family and friends once it is complete. Plus, they will learn so much in the process! If you are interested in this low-prep dinosaur activity you can grab it all right HERE in my store! Don’t hesitate, get your students diving deeper into the world of dinosaurs and all the cool things that go along with it!

These interactive dinosaur lapbook activities will engage your students in learning all about dinosaurs in a fun hands on way they will love!

And if you find that lapbooks are the thing for you and your students, you can find many more fun and engaging science lapbook ideas!

Save These Dinosaur Lapbook Activities for Later

Make sure you pin these dinosaur lapbook activities to your favorite classroom Pinterest board so you can find them quickly and easily whenever you need them!

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