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Five For Fraturday

Better late than never, right! I’m linking up for a super quick recap of my last week of summer break!!! Yes you read that right, I go back to work Monday!!! Where did my summer so! Seriously, I feel like summer break just got started. I a have very little crossed off of my to do list!! AHHHH!!! I’m not ready to go back!!! But in a way I am ready to start another adventure with a new group of kids. Now onto a recap of my last week of summer vacation Five for Fraturday style!


So this week, Haylee went off to camp for the entire week. Like sleep away camp where she didn’t come home at night! So I had the house all to myself. Can we say quiet! It was nice for a little but then it was just way to quiet. I was so ready for her to come home yesterday! But she had a blast! She learned how to hunt, fish, drive a boat, and shoot a rifle. This was a seriously cool camp!

While she was gone, I got super busy in my classroom and I think it is almost ready to go. I have a few more finishing touches to put on it but overall it’s ready to go. And this was the fastest I have ever put my room together! I think I am finally getting the hang of this decorating and setting up thing!

Now I did have a slight issue with a few flowers. But after my amazing supply clerk came to my rescue, I think they turned out amazing! Definitely will add some cheer into the classroom!

Since this was my last week of summer break I spent as much time at the gym as I could. Because we all know that once school starts back up, trying to do anything that is not school related almost seems impossible! So yes, I was that crazy girl at every class, morning and night, every day loving it!

While I was in Las Vegas, I met a new friend that used to teach at my school! What a small world! Well, she came to visit this week so we hung out a little bit on Friday. And what better place to hang out than at Mr. Greg’s house for a Kindergarten SmorgasBOARD meeting! We had such an amazing time and met some new friends! We shared tips for back to school and just talked about teaching for almost 2 hours! It was amazing! And Greg and Jason were so awesome! Such a great time! We even got a year free of ESGI!!! Love!!!!

Last night, one of my very best friends that moved far far away cam to visit me!!! It was so great seeing her and catching up! We went out for dinner and dessert. And OMG that dessert was amazing! Just look at it!!! So sad to say goodbye again but enjoyed the short time we had together!

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