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Five For Fraturday
Ok, so I had intentionns of actually being on time with my Five for Friday post but my Hubby had different plans for me. Actually they were awesome plans. I have such an amazing hubby even though I love picking on him. So this is the reason I wasn’t able to do my post yesterday like I had planned……
Isn’t he amazing!!!!! Love that guy!!!
Now on to my Five For Friday Fraturday post. I had all intentions of it being simply an end of school year post but I guess we will throw in a little vacay into the mix. Now sit back, grab your glass of water (not a coffee drinker here) and enjoy!
 Yesterday was our mini day trip to PCB!!!! This was my first time here and I totally fell in love!!!

We started off at Wonder Works. This place had everything hands on that you could imagine. We could have spent all day here but the beach was calling our name. 

For lunch we just had to eat lunch on the beach so we were told to try this place called Spinnakers. Can I just say that the food was beyond amazing!!! It almost looked to gorgeous to eat!!

Then it was time to hit the beach. I was so shocked at how empty the beach was. Not complaining at all but pleasantly surprised.
We didn’t make it home until almost 11:00. I was beat but BEST DAY EV-UH!!!!!
 Ok, now back to the last week of school. We always love making this fun Steppin out of Kindergarten project from The Bubbly Blonde. They always turn out amazing!!!!

 One of the highlights of our last week of school is beach ball signing. We blow the beach balls up the day before we sign them and the kids stare at them all day wondering what we will do with them. Finally, it is time to sign, then play a little before they bring them home. Great keepsake from the year. Each ball says “I had a BALL in Kindergarten!”

 This year I had two of the most amazing mom volunteers. I could not have asked for better volunteers. They helped me so much this year. I have no clue what I will do next year without them. Don’t worry. I am already planning on ways to kidnap them and keep them šŸ™‚ I wanted to do something special for them as a Thank You so I made them a box of sunshine since they brightened my day everyday. It even came complete with a 6 pack of Margaritas šŸ™‚ SHHHHH!!!!!

To officially kick off summer, me, Haylee, and some amazing families from my school celebrated one last time before we parted ways. Complete with bowling, pizza, and the best ice cream ever!!! I mean seriously whose idea is it to put all the toppings out for you to grab whatever you want. So I had to grab everything. So dangerous but so amazing!!! Don’t worry, it only weighed 14.5oz and totally not the biggest one from our group šŸ™‚

Now I’m off to head to town to do some shopping and maybe a movie. Have a great weekend!


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