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Five For Fraturday STEM Style

I am one tired and exhausted teacher but this week was packed with some amazing activities! Our school celebrated STEM all week long with activities everyday which makes for a jam packed, busy week and one worn out teacher by Friday evening. Since I was too tired to do Five for Friday after work last night, let’s link up with Kacey and do a Five for Fraturday STEM style!

Monday, the start of our crazy week. We had this super cool blow up igloo looking thing called the Star Lab. This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen and the kids loved it!

We went inside this crazy igloo thing and it was just like we were in space! We were able to explore the stars, constellations, planets, moon, sun, and day and night from a thousand angles and it felt like we were actually there. Everywhere we looked was space. The pictures do not do it justice since it was dark inside but I tried to give you the best view of inside that I could.

Next on the agenda for the week was Career Day! We spent all morning listen to different speakers tell us all about their jobs and what it takes to become each job. We really learned a lot about some pretty cool careers.
We started off by learning about a mechanic. She showed us different tools and even told us how to change the brakes! Maybe one of my kiddos can help me next time šŸ™‚ 

We then learned about what it takes to be a physical trainer and got our workout on!

Finally we got to listen to a farmer and meet a real rooster! This was definitely the highlight of the day. You should have heard them screaming with delight!

Ok, now this part was my favorite. Robotics Day! I had to listen to my daughter all week beg to come to school with me just for this one day. Of course the mean mommy made her go to her school instead. She loves everything Robotics and wants to be a Robotics Engineer when she grows up. Proud Mommy moment. The local high school brought their robotics club over to our school and let the kids play with the robots. They got to drive cars, train a dog, shoot a dart gun, use a claw, and a ton of others. I couldn’t bring myself to go over to the spider even though I knew it was a robot. It still gave me the creeps.

Now for the highlight of the week. The annual Egg Drop Competition. The kids built contraptions at home to put an egg in. The goal was for the egg to not break When dropped. Well, our school has the motto go big or go home. So where else do we drop the eggs from but on top of the tall firetruck ladder.
I am proud to say that out of all 5 of my kids that competed, not a single egg was harmed! Teacher win! And parent win for helping! However I forgot to get a before picture of each contraption. Teacher fail šŸ™

 We ended our jam packed week with our classroom STEM project. Can you guess what it was?

We built Peep towers! The students worked in groups to design a tower that would not fall over then they had to work together to build the tower as tall as they could. It is much harder than it looks but they quickly got the hang of it.

That was our jam packed week and now this still worn out teacher is off to plan our next fun filled week! Have a great weekend!

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