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Five For Friday

Ok, so here goes nothing. This will be my first official blog post and I am going to attempt to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for her Five For Friday Linky Party. Wish me luck and here we go!

1. Last week and the beginning of this week, my daughter, my mom, and me went to NY to visit my Grandparents.This is a yearly trip that the three of us do every summer. It was such a relaxing trip and well needed. We went to the beach one day (this is the only chance we get to go to the beach all summer), relaxed by the pool, had a family cookout, and me and my mom walked over 30 miles around their beautiful golf course!

2. We had to say goodbye to our NY family on Monday and headed to the airport for our two hour trip back home. Well, I guess NY was trying to keep us longer because our flight was delayed 2 hours!!! Me and Haylee were getting very stir crazy waiting. Good thing we packed lots of books. We finally boarded the plane and set off for the runway………then the second delay came. There was a chance of a storm so they grounded all flights. We were stuck on the runway for what seemed like forever! Finally we made it home at 10:30! Only 3 hours after our scheduled time. We have never been so happy to make it back to Nashville.

3. The day after we made it home, one of my besties came to visit me for the week! It was the kickoff to my birthday weekend. Being military you get the opportunity to meet so many people and make so many friends. The only downside is that someone usually moves away in just a few short years. I was so excited when Heather called and told me that she had some  vacation days and was coming to visit me! It was a great reunion. Haylee even missed her little buddy too. We took them to see Monster’s University.Such a cute movie!

4. I guess it was a reunion week! I received a text from one of my friends still here, Yolanda, that another one of our friends was in town and wanted to get together. I was so excited to get to see Cat again! It was great catching up on everything and just spending some girl time together without kids running all around us. I sure do miss this girl!

5. This is my only “teaching” one for this week. I have not had much time to work on TPT items or anything for next year with my vacation last week and catching up with some great friends. It is nice to have a small break. However, I did start my professional reading for the summer! I know I’m a little behind and most people have read this book already. I have not yet since I have been in Pre-K up until this year so now I am trying to get caught up on all the amazing professional readings out there. I have only made it to Chapter 3 but have learnedso much from it already! I have pages of notes for what I want to do when I get back to school. I am already so excited for next school year!

I hope you have enjoyed my first post and I am excited to have many more posts! Thank you for visiting my small blog šŸ™‚

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