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3 Fun Ideas to Celebrate Bat Week

Have you ever heard of Bat Week? This year it will be celebrated the week of October 24th-31st. It is the perfect time of year to honor these spooky creatures that may go bump in the night. Bat Week is an annual celebration that happens internationally to celebrate the role that bats have in nature. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a “Bat Week” in your classroom? Here are 3 fun ideas to celebrate Bat Week at school.

Fun and engaging activities for learning all about bats

I don’t know about you, but when I think of bats I normally don’t go straight to how amazing they are. For most people, they are just fun to watch fly around in caves. But there is so much to learn about bats. Bat week helps to shine some light on these interesting creatures that are so important to the health of our world. Every night while we are sleeping, bats are hard at work eating insects, pollinating flowers, and spreading seeds to grow plants and trees. Bat Week helps to raise awareness for the need of bat conservation.

Let’s Get Batty

We are always up for a good, fun celebration in my classroom. My kiddos always enjoy learning about bats around Halloween time. It’s such a fun way to kick off the holiday. There are tons of different crafts, activities, and lessons that you can incorporate to make Bat Week a real hit in your room. Here are my favorite ideas to celebrate bat week.

1. Begin with Song and Dance

Kick off your lesson with a good song and dance to get your kids excited about Bat Week. Mr. G, a Latin Grammy winner, is a children’s author and song writer. He wrote a super fun and catchy song called “Bats on the Brink.” Listen here! Your kiddos will love learning that there are over 1,400 species of bats in the world, and they are the second largest group of mammals (rodents are the first).

This cute Youtube video called “Introducing: The Bat Squad” will get them excited about being proactive in your community.

2. Dive into Learning with a Bat Lapbook

Lapbooks are very similar to interactive notebooks. The difference is that lapbooks are specific to a unit or lesson, where as interactive notebooks cover topics for the entire year. Lapbooks are a great tool for hands on learning. Students use foldables and other manipulatives to learn and document all about a topic.They are easy enough to be completed independently or with a little bit of help. Lapbooks also help to build important other skills like following directions and keeping materials organized.

Learn all about bats with these fun ideas to celebrate Bat Week in your classroom.

They are a great visual representation of everything your students have learned. Your students creativity will be able to shine when completing lapbooks. You can include all sorts of things like charts, graphs, lists, and more. The best part? Lapbooks easily fit right into your students laps. They truly are hands on learning at its best. This is where you can really get into the meat of your lesson all about bats. All of your information, vocabulary words, and review topics will be stored in their lapbooks.

3. Wrap it Up with Some Fun

Now that you and your students have learned so many cool facts about bats, it’s time to wrap up your celebration with a fun craft or activity. You can go as crazy as you want here. Just do whatever works best for your class.

Wrap up your Bat Week celebration with some of these fun activities.
  • Build Your Own Bat Cave-revamp an outdoor camping tent
  • Make a Bat Finger Puppet
  • Make an Origami Bat
  • Have a Batty Celebration-decorate your classroom with all of the bat crafts your students have completed. Then check out this awesome bat cookbook for recipe and treat ideas made with bat-dependent ingredients. Your students will love drinking some bug juice while eating a pumpkin roll all made from batty things.

Explanations of all of these ideas and more can be found on Bat Week’s website.

Grab This Amazing Bat Resource

My Bat Flippy Flap (lapbook) resource has everything you need to host the BEST EVER bat week in your classroom. In fact, there are so many options provided that they won’t all fit into your Flippy Flap. So, just decide which ones work best for you and use those. A few things you’ll get are:

This bat lapbook includes a variety of topics like the life cycle, types of bats and labeling the parts of a bat
  • Bat Cover page
  • Interesting Facts
  • KWL Chart on Bats
  • Life Cycle of Bats
  • All About Bats Book
  • If I Was a Bat
  • Bat Vocabulary
  • Adjectives
  • Comparing Bats
  • So Much More!

Your kids will be jumping with excitement to learn all about bats! They will explore all about bats in this fun, hands-on, Interactive Flippy Flaps Lapbook! Your students will be engaged while learning about bats in many different ways! Here’s a sneak peak inside my All About Bats Lapbook!

I have a digital version as well! It is a fun, interactive, digital activity that can be included into your science lessons using Google Classrooms to teach about bats. All you have to do is upload the assignment and make a copy for each student. When they have finished the activity, have the students turn it in! Easy peasy and a whole lot of fun!

This digital version of my Bat Lapbook will help you to meet the needs of all of your students when celebrating Bat Week.

Doesn’t this sound great? I’m sure you’ll want to grab my Bat Lapbook Bundle so you’ll have the print and digital version to meet all of your needs. They are great to use for whole group instruction, small group practice, and even homework. Plus, you can seamlessly switch over to virtual learning if needed.

Grab these print and digital bundle of my Bat Lapbook to complete your lesson.

I hope these 3 fun ideas to celebrate Bat Week have gotten you excited! This week is the perfect celebration to kickoff Halloween festivities in your classroom. You and your students will enjoy learning about these amazing creatures.

Save it for Later

You never know when you’re going to be in need of a fun celebration like this one! Save these 3 fun ideas to celebrate Bat Week to your favorite classroom board.

Grab these 3 fun ideas to celebrate Bat Week.

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