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Kindergarten Google Slides for the Summer

Happy summer! Are you look for fun ways to keep your kids engaged and learning at home? Maybe you are homeschooling or tutoring this summer and need some fun digital activities to use in your lessons. Well, come look at some fun summer resources that I cannot wait to use this summer!

With the changes in the way that we had to teach these past few months, I have been looking for fun ways to teach my kids remotely and keep them engaged in their learning. I thought, how can I still teach the skills needed but not being with them in person. This was definitely a new challenge that we have not had to face before as a teaching community. After talking to a few teachers, I discovered Google Classroom and fell in love! This would definitely help me create some fun lessons for my students to use from home!
Now it is summer time but many teachers and even parents are still looking for ways to keep their kids engaged and learning during these summer months. Come check out a few activities that I have creates that hopefully will help keep your kiddos excited about learning over the summer.

Math Activities

1. Shape Matching

Students will look at the summer themed picture in the middle of the slide and determine what shape they see. They will move the check mark to the matching shape on the side. Great way to practice shape recognition.

2. Counting On

This is a great way to get your kids ready for addition! They will look at the number then, keeping that number in their head, they will look at the pictures and count on from the beginning number to find the total. This is filled with fun summer themed pictures to count

3. Number Order

Are you trying to help your kids with number order and sequencing numbers? This is perfect to help your kids practice sequencing numbers. Students will look at the fish and put them in order from the smallest number to the largest number.

4. Counting

This may be my kids favorite game! Students will look at the picture at the top and count how many of those objects they see inside the box. Then they will move the star to the correct number. Great way to practice counting objects 1-10.

Phonics Activities

1. Missing Letter

Are your kids working on alphabet recognition and letter order? Students will look at the letters at the top and figure out which letter is missing. They will move the correct letter to the missing space.

2. Alphabetical Order

This is a great way to get your kids excited about sequencing letters in order! Students will look at the letters and place them in alphabetical order.

3. Letter Match

Such a fun way to help your kids practice capital ad lowercase letter recognition. Students will look at the letter in the middle and place a check mark on the matching letter on the side.


1. Ocean Animal Research

Even if you cannot venture out the the beach this summer, you can still explore the ocean waters and animals with this fun Ocean Animal Research Digital Lapbook. This is filled with everything you need to learn about the amazing creatures that live in the ocean! Students can watch videos about ocean animals, label the animals, learn about a life cycle, label pictures, and so much more! Lots of activities to keep your kids learning!

2. Space Research

Maybe your trip this summer can be a virtual visit to outer space! This fun Space Digital Lapbook is filled with activities so your kids can explore all things outer space! There are videos for them to watch along with labeling and naming planets, sequencing the planets, learning about the phases of the moon, and so much more!

What fun digital activities are you excited to use this summer?

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