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How Teachers Recharge

We teachers work very hard during 10 months of school. We work long hours, weekends, pretty much 24/7 for 10 months straight. Now it is Summer Break and it is our time to rest and recharge!!!

There are so many ways to recharge over the summer. Some people travel the globe, while others spend time at home catching up on things they have been putting off for 10 months. I’ve linked up with some blogging buddies to share ways that we recharge over the summer.

One of my favorite ways to recharge over the summer is relaxing by any type of water that I can find. I’m not much of a swimmer. I mean I will get in the water for a little just to cool off but I’d rather be laying out by the pool or beach watching my daughter play and have a blast. There’s just something about soaking up sun rays that helps me relax and recharge over the summer. 

Over the summer is my time to catch up on exercising and getting fit again. During the school year, I do go to the gym EVERYDAY after work but it’s a quick run in run out 30 minute class and an hour on the weekends. Exercising is very important to me so I always make time to workout. However, in the summer I have more time to devote to exercising. And the weather is so pretty that exercising outdoors is a must! Me and my daughter love going on walks outside. And we have enjoyed some pretty amazing scenery too!
I also spend more time at the gym doing classes, running, and weight lifting. I have totally found a new love for weight lifting! I am determined to shed a few of these pounds that I have magically packed on, lol. #goals
One thing that I absolutely love is food! Who doesn’t love some amazing food. Over the summer, we try to find some new places to eat and try some new dishes. They are always so amazing! 
Me and my daughter have also started a summer tradition that we call Ice Cream Wednesdays! Every Wednesday we grab some Ice Cream from different places around town. Sometimes new places and sometimes we will go to our favorites. I am so excited to check out new food and new Ice Cream places in our new town! Can’t wait to see what hidden gems we found.

Head on over to Glimmers of Learning to see how other teachers are recharging!
I would love to hear how you recharge over the summer. Leave what you do in the comments! You may inspire us for a few more activities this summer!

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