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January Fine Motor Activities for Kindergarten and 1st Grade

Happy New Year! January is one of my favorite months in teaching! Not only are we just coming back from winter break, but this time of the year is when I can really start to see so much progress and growth in my kids. It makes me so excited!


This month is going to be packed with so many different topics, I hope we can squeeze them all in! We will be diving into all things about snow, snowmen, and polar animals such as Penguins, Polar Bears, and Walruses. We will also be learning about Martin Luther King Jr. too! I wanted to share with you a few things that maybe you would be able to use with your students this month.


Pattern Block Games


My kids love using Pattern Blocks so I tried to find a fun way that my students could use pattern blocks and still have some extra learning tied in. This comes in two different versions, one with a dice and one with a spinner. Students will roll or spin a shape and find the matching shape on the mat. When the shape is complete, they will count and record how many of each shape they used! You can find the set with the dice here or the set with the spinner here.

Snap Cubes


What kid doesn’t love using snap cubes! My kids love using these in math centers. There are two different versions that you can check out using these fun snap cube mats. Students will roll a dice and find the matching color on the mat to place their snap cube. When the mat is filled, they will count each color of their snap cube and either graph the total or record the total on a ten frame! You can check out the graphing version here or the ten frame version here.

Center Activities


This has quickly become a favorite activity for my students. There are two versions for this pack, a snap cube version and a pom pom version. Each pack contains 4 center activities; letter recognition, beginning sounds, number recognition, and subitizing. Students will use the code on the side to match color to the correct space on the mat. When they are finished, it will reveal a fun winter picture! You can check out the snap cube version here or the pom pom version here.


 This may be my new favorite pack. My kids are loving all of the activities that this is filled with. This pack is perfect for math centers, math small groups, and independent math work. Some of the activities included are Color by Code, Bump game, shape clip cards, Shape Match It, BINGO, Roll and Cover, and so much more. You can read more about this pack on this post. You can check out the pack here!

If you are looking for more activities for January, you can check out my blog post for Flippy Flaps here and my blog post for BOOM cards here! 

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