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Mindful Eating Challenge: Week 1

Last week DeeDee and Rachel posted about a new challenge they were doing. Once I read it, I knew that I had to participate! One of my personal goals this school year was to get healthy again. Now I mean I’m not super unhealthy by any means but I know that I can definitely improve. I work out almost every day and go on walks every night, but I was not watching what I ate at all. So starting this school year I have vowed to get better. And guess what! I have lost 8lbs since school has started! That’s about a pound every week to two weeks. I will take that! Well, now the holiday season is approaching and here comes the hard part. Cue the amazing challenge!

Now this challenge isn’t a diet plan or anything crazy. It’s just about being mindful of what you are eating and every little thing that you eat. To help keep track of what I eat, I log everything into My Fitness Pal App. I would love to have more friends to keep me accountable. My name is DDgirl4ever head on over to find me!
Now onto week 1 of the challenge!
What worked:
1. Logging my food into MyFitnessPal has really helped keep me on track. I am able to see how many calories I have left for the day and am making better decisions about what I eat. The key though is to log EVERYTHING!!!!! Even that one tiny milky way that is too small to have any calories right?!?! Sadly, it counts too.
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2. I have a gym buddy and we work out every day and walk every night. We keep each other accountable and push each other to do better each day. I could not survive the torture of the gym without her! Find a friend and workout with them. Makes it so much more enjoyable!
3. Meal prep! I try to plan my meals out for the week every Sunday. If you don’t then you are tempted to grab fast food or something quick and unhealthy. I only spend about 10 minutes planning meals with my daughter then a quick trip to the grocery store and we are ready for the week! Maybe one day soon I will blog about some of our favorite go to recipes.
1. Some days it is super hard to get all of your steps in. You know those days that you are in meetings all day and you get home and you still have 7,000 steps to go! Ugh! Hate that feeling. One way I overcame that this week was I gave up my lunch break and chose to walk around the outside of the school for my break instead. Came home and only had 2,000 step left. WIN!!!
2. This week was a crazy week of unexpected trips. Due to a death in my family, I rushed out of town to be with my family. Because of this I did skip a few sessions at the gym and may not of had the best choices in food. However, I did try to control the portion size to help. It’s all about thinking about the choices you are making when you are eating.
3. Water. I am usually great about getting my water in for the day plus a ton more. I have a water schedule so I can make sure I get all of my water in each day. Well, let’s be honest. When you drink that much water, you live in the bathroom. And when you are on a road trip it is not exactly feasible to stop at 27 gas stations to go to the bathroom during a 5 hour trip. I am hoping to get back on track this week.
Looking Ahead:
1. This week is Thanksgiving. That should be enough said. All of the amazing foods and desserts and going to two different Thanksgiving dinners. Ugh! This will definitely be tough. Here is my plan.
-Be really mindful of what I eat Sunday-Wednesday
-Exercise every day Sunday-Wednesday
-Go for a run Thursday morning
-Eat a small breakfast Thursday morning
-Drink a lot of water
-Then enjoy my Thanksgiving dinner and not feel guilty
-Go on a nice long walk afterwards
That is my plan for this week! Fingers crossed things go as planned this week and I can stay on track. Now head on over to Rachel’s blog to see how others are staying on track this week!
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