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Mindful Eating Challenge: Week 3

I am linking up again with Rachelle and DeeDee for another week of the Mindful Eating Challenge. I missed linking up last week because I was stuck in stopped traffic coming home from Thanksgiving with my family then the week was just crazy. No words to describe it. So here is like a two week recap.
What worked:
Logging food has been a real eye opener and sometimes confusing. Some things that I think are a good choice really are not the best while other things that I think will just ruin my entire food diary were not as bad as I thought. But seriously, 1150 calories for a club sandwich at O’Charley’s!!!! I still cannot get over that one. Good thing I only ate half. Logging my food has definitely made me become more aware of what is healthy and what is not as healthy. My fitness pal app has been great at helping me with this.
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Exercise. I absolutely love exercising!!! I make a point to go to the gym everyday and me and my daughter walk every night, or at least until it gets to cold and I cant feel my fingers. It is a great bonding time and helps us stay fit together! These past two weeks we were actually able to go on a 4 mile hike at a local (small) mountain and we also went on a walk with my school to look at Christmas lights by the river. It was beautiful! Can I also say that today I ran for the first time in forever!!! A few months ago I tore my Achilles and trust me, it hurts. I ignored it for a while and kept running and going to the gym. Finally I went to the doctor and he told me it was a pretty good tear. However, because I continued to exercise, I may not need surgery!!! Thank goodness. But I had to take a few weeks rest from high impact. Well, today I decided to give running a shot again. And I did it!!! I’m a little sore but am determined to be 100% again soon.
Haylee also marched in a parade this weekend. While all of the other parents stood on the side cheering. I chose to walk the 1.5 mile parade route with her too. Gotta get my steps in where I can.
Speaking of steps, I love my Vivofit! It definitely helps me keep track of how active I have been during the day. And I love reaching my goal and get so sad when I do not reach the step goal for the day. I know it’s just a number but it’s a goal for me to meet and I don’t want to let it down. That 4 mile hike the other day definitely helped me get some steps in.

What did not work:
Food prep. Food prep. Food prep. I start out the week with a plan in place and such good intentions. Then life happens and I grab something quick. It’s never fast food but it’s always something quick at home like frozen pizza, chicken nuggets, and things that I know are not good for me. What I want to learn how to do is to prep all of my meals on Sunday then pop them in the oven each day. I think that would be a major help. I need a class or workshop with ideas. I’m open to any suggestions anyone has. Please help me!!!! I am going to really try to stick to my meal plan this week. Fingers crossed I can do it. Small goals, baby steps. We can do this!
Now head on over to Rachelle’s blog!
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