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Peek at Week: Back to School

I was thinking by the end of the second week of school I wouldn’t be this exhausted anymore but goodness. Back to school time takes every bit of energy you have out of you for about the first month. Was I this exhausted last year? Hopefully by Labor Day I can become human again.
This past week we spent more time reviewing rules and practicing procedures. We still are learning Daily 5 and have not fully implemented all elements yet. But hey, this is Kindergarten and we are taking things slowly this year. I believe we have finally mastered Read to Self and Work on Writing. This week we will practice having half of the class doing Read to Self and the other half doing Work on Writing. Then next week we will add in the Word Work rotation and go from there. Fingers crossed for us!
Last week we reviewed our rules and procedures by talking about Peacemakers and Peacebreakers. This is the perfect activity to use at the beginning of the school year from the amazing Julie Lee. We began by reading the stories “No David” and “Davis Goes to School” and discussing things that we should and should not do at school. I think I will find a place to keep this chart up all year!

Then we made these adorable David crafts to help remind us to be Peacemakers and not Peacebreakers this school year.

We also started math centers this week. We simply explored the math manipulatives. There was no strict direction except for learning how to use and take care of each manipulative. We will practice this week also and then dive into the “real” math centers next week.
We also started our Poetry unit this week from the wonderful DeeDee Wills and we made our first interactive notebook pages. I am so proud of how great they did! And they loved every second of it!
Friday was our 10th day of school! And you know what that means. It was our first visit from Zero the Hero!!! He brought these amazing Zero the Hero books for us to work on every 10 days and he even brought us some donuts to snack on because they were shaped like zeros of course!
Now on to next week. Click below to take a peek of what we will be doing next week!
Now head on over to DeeDee’s blog to see what everyone else is up to this week!

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