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Peek at Week: Catch Up…Again

Well this has been a crazy interesting week. Yes we will call it interesting. I was so excited for this week and all of the crazy Dr. Seuss shenanigans that we were going to do in our classroom. Always so many fun things we try to cram into one week. 
We started the week off strong. I introduced our new unit by watching the Brain Pop Jr. to learn about Dr. Seuss. We love BrainPop!
We read Cat in the Hat and made cat hats to wear. Love how cute and unique they all turned out. No pattern or anything. Just two rectangles of red and white construction paper and Dr. Seuss border to go around the head.

We practiced spelling CVC words from the amazing March Word work unit from Caitlin Clabby. Her units are a must for Word Work!

We even had Dr. Seuss fun in our math centers with this counting activity from the wonderful Caitlin Clabby and this even or odd unit from Growing Kinders.

Then the crazy happened. Wednesday was an early release day due to snow. What another snow storm!!! Come on Mother Nature, I live in the South. I don’t know what this white stuff is and I don’t like it. Now don’t get me wrong, snow days are amazing. But being stuck in my house because of the snow and ice, not my idea of fun. 

Well, 9 inches later, we were out of school for the rest of the week. And to make things worse, my dear hubby wanted to surprise me a took a few days off of work to come visit us! How sweet! Bad part, he was stuck in Nashville for 4 hours after spinning sideways 4 times!!! He was an hour away from us but all roads were closed so he couldn’t get to us!!! I think I completely lost it at this point. About 6 hours later he was finally able to make it an hour down the road to us!!! Happy day!!!!
Saturday morning we woke up to our sweet adorable little puppy not being able to walk. After a quick visit to our vet then a rush to the emergency hospital down in Nashville, they determined that she had a collapsed disc in her lower back that required immediate surgery. Not how we were planning on spending our weekend but she was worth every second. She is out of surgery and slowly recovering. Hoping we can pick her up tomorrow or Tuesday. We miss her so much!!! My daughter made the lovely pic collage šŸ™‚

Now onto our school week. I think I will offically give up on my dental health plans. We were supposed to do them last month, but it snowed. Then I wanted to move it to this week, but because we missed most of last week due to snow AGAIN, I am planning on finishing up our Dr. Seuss activities. I am going to try to throw in some of the dental health lessons though and see what we can get in. So here are the plans that I wanted to do this week. We will actually be doing these mixed with last weeks plans. It will make for another interesting week I’m sure.
Have a great week!

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