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Peek at Week: Do-over Week

Ok, let me just start by saying that I am a true Southern and know nothing about snow. Well this past week, we got hit with a massive snowstorm. I know it’s nothing like up north but 9 inches of snow definitely shuts this town down. It was insane. Now, I teach on a military base and they always quickly clear it so we can still have school. We never get snow days, so when I saw the snow I was a little excited but I knew I’d still have to trudge to work in it. But guess what?!?!?! We got a snow day. And not just 1 snow day, we got a whole week!!!! I’m looking out my window now trying to figure out if we will have school tomorrow. We still do not have our roads plowed and buses can not drive on this stuff so we shall see. This is what I got to look at all week. This is more snow than I have seen ever!
 This is my street that I am supposed to drive on. Yeah, couldn’t find it for a few days.

Haylee sure did have fun playing in it, for 10 minutes, lol. Us Southerns just cannot hang in this cold weather.

And of course since we had snow days, it was hot chocolate and movies every night. Love!

So if we go to school tomorrow we are just going to do a re-do of last week. I think Presidents and American Symbols is so important to teach especially to our military students so I do not want to skip these lessons and activities. And I have so many great things planned I could not imagine tossing it all. 
So here is another look at our week on Presidents and American Symbols. And we will see if I get to teach it this week šŸ™‚
Now I am off to attempt to grab a few things at Walmart. Kind of scared what the store will look like so wish me luck!

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