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Peek at Week: Families

We had another busy but productive week. Things are finally coming together and we are getting into a good routine. I am so excited to see progress!!! This past week we introduced the third part of Daily 5, Word Work. I introduce Daily 5 a little out of order according to the sisters but I do what works best for me and my students. 
This is how I run Word Work. I have 10 drawers and the same activities will remain in the same drawers all year long. This way the students know exactly what to do when they pull out a drawer and how to do it. It helps eliminate time explaining what to do and allows students to immediately get to work and not waste precious time. 
The activities stay the same but the words the students use each week change. Each student has their own sight word ring that is stored in this box. They are each assigned a number and that is where their word ring is. I add the new sight words for each week to the ring so they will have more words to practice each week.

This week we practiced a few of the drawers so they could get the hang of each activity. All of these activities come from Miss Kindergarten Love’s sight word pack. All the materials they need for each activity, except for their word ring, are stored in the drawer so there is no looking for supplies and they can get right to work.There is even a direction card in case they forget what to do.

Here are some of the activities in action!

Now let’s take a peek at next week. Next week we will be introducing Listen to Reading. This is always a favorite center. Click the pictures to download a copy.
Now head on over to DeeDee’s blog to see what others are up to this week!

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