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Peek at Week: Fractured Fairy Tales

Can I get a Hallelujah for surviving this week! It has been one crazy week and not sure how we made it through it. I was definitely ready for the weekend.
My poor little puppy that broke her back 2 months ago took a dive downhill all of the sudden and was rushed to the emergency vet Tuesday morning before work. After some good meds and some TLC I think she will back to good in no time.
Well Haylee had to show Bella up so she decided to try and break her foot that same night. We were in the ER until 2AM. Luckily it is not broken just very very bruised. Good thing for her since her dance recital is next week. She was such a trooper though.
Then there was also my college finals Thursday. Eek! Statistics is by far the hardest class I have ever taken. I am patiently waiting and checking grades every 10 minutes and still nothing posted. Why must my professor torture me so!!!
Even with all of the craziness of this week, My kids knew exactly how to make me smile every day that I walked into the room. I was overwhelmed with the gifts and appreciation that my parents and admin showed for us this week. I was completely speechless every day. I absolutely love my job. 
 When I walked into school Monday morning, I was greeted with the most amazing sidewalk chalk art to kick off our Teacher Appreciation week.
I even had a few little sweeties write me a few personal messages šŸ™‚ Love!
“Let’s learn some more class!”

“Let’s learn more about space Mrs. Davis!”
 “I love you Mrs. Davis & Mrs. Tamia!”

PTO had a special treat for us Monday for breakfast. How cute are these bananas!!!!
 I am so grateful for the amazing parents that I have this year and the wonderful admin. It is bittersweet to see it coming to an end so soon. Seriously, 13 days! Where has the school year gone! 

Last week we made some cute Mother’s Day gifts! Love how they turned out! Here’s a quick peak at a few of them.


Now onto next week. Next week I will be BAS testing all week and will have an amazing sub in my room with the kiddos while I am in the hallway testing. The kids will be learning about fractured fairy tales. I love these stories! They always make me laugh!

Now head on over to DeeDee’s blog to see what others are up to.


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