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Peek at Week: Groundhog’s Day

I cannot believe this amazing weather! This time last week we were buried in 8 inches of snow and today it is supposed to be 65 degrees!!! I can totally do 65 degrees at the end of January. My kind of winter. Mine and Haylee’s goal today is to find the end of the walking trail that we go to all of the time. It will probably be our last trip before the big move so we are more determined then ever!
Can you believe that today is the last day of January and tomorrow starts February!!! The first month of 2016 has flown by. That also means that I am down to 3 weeks left before the big move and 3 weeks left with my sweet kids. Excited for new adventures but sad to leave.
This past week was all things Penguins. This is definitely one of my favorite weeks! I love everything about these cute animals! We started by watching this great video from Harry Kindergarten. My kids were seriously singing it all day.
When then read The Penguin Who Wanted to Fly and did this super cute craft and writing prompt. You can find the craft here from Miss Kindergarten and the writing prompt here from Cara Carroll.
We also talked about the Life Cycle of a Penguin and how a penguin grows. We made these adorable life cycle crowns from Jennifer Drake. My kids are obsessed with these crowns!
Then it was time for some fun hands-on experiments. What better way to learn about penguins then with some hands-on fun. We started by learning about penguins sliding on the ice. We filled a pan with water and froze it overnight. Then it was time for our experiment. We placed different objects on the pan to test if they would slide down the ice. The kids had so much fun with this that they started grabbing more objects around the room to test!
Then it was time to learn all about penguin blubber! Anything messy is a favorite for the kids. I filled a bag with Crisco and placed it into a bucket of ice cold water. Then I gave each kid a glove and we were ready to see if the blubber actually can keep penguins warm. The expressions on the kids’ faces were priceless when they put their hands in the ice water and the blubber bag. After all of the messy fun, we came to the conclusion that blubber really can keep you warm in icy waters.
We had a great time exploring penguins but now it’s time for Groundhog’s Day! Next week will be all about Groundhog’s and shadows. I am definitely hoping that spring is right around the corner. I cannot take winter and snow! Next Wednesday is also the 100th day of school! So be on the lookout for all of our 100th day fun! Click below to grab a copy for yourself.
Now head on over to DeeDee’s blog to see what others are up to this week!
Have a great week and happy February!

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