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Peek at Week: Oviparous

St. Patrick’s Day is one of my favorite days to celebrate in the classroom. The kids get so excited about the mystery of this little leprechaun who comes out only one this one special day. We tried cramming so many activities into this. Couldn’t fit them all in but we still had so much fun!
We started of talking about how naughty these leprechauns were and that we had to catch them this year before they do naughty things in our room. The kids quickly went home and worked on some amazing leprechaun traps!
We set the traps up the night before St. Patrick’s Day to see if we could catch those pesky leprechauns. When the kids came in the next morning you should have seen their eyes when they looked at the room. They immediately ran to their traps to see if anyone had caught him. Of course, the leprechaun was too sneaky and escaped! But he did leave his little feet print behind.
We did find his pot of gold and everyone had a special treat from the pot šŸ™‚ And look at these little leprechauns!
We then wrote about what we would do if we found the real pot of gold. We made these adorable rainbows from Deanna Jump to go with out writing. Love how they turned out!
Our centers for the week were all things St. Patrick’s and leprechauns. We love stamping and these are from DeeDee Wills and are always a hit.
 These are also from DeeDee. We use these every week! Love them!
 We are really diving into digraphs. This sorting activity was from Caitlin Clabby.
I love looking through the pictures on my phone at the end of each week. When I am meeting with small groups, I let the kids take pictures of their work for me to check later so they are not bothering the small group. I never know what I will find, lol. But these pattern block puzzles from Katie Mense were definitely a hit because I must have 20 of these pictures on my phone šŸ™‚
Now onto next week. This is our last week until Spring Break!! It is so close I can almost see it!!! Now to get us through this last week we are diving into all things Easter and Oviparous Animals! I have a little freebie for you inspired by the amazing Cara Carroll! Click here to view her post then click on the picture below to download your freebie.
I will be back later this week with pictures to show you how they turned out! But until then, take a look at what else we will be up to this week!
Now head on over to DeeDee’s blog to see what others are up to this week!


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