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Peek at Week: Presidents’ Day

Hey guys! Sorry I am late at linking up. This weekend has been crazy! Well that is an understatement. We are 3 days from the movers coming and my house is turned upside down right now. I mean seriously, just look at my garage! This would be just my teaching things and my hubbies things from his townhouse. Can you imagine what the rest of my house looks like?!?!?! And I seriously did not think I had this much stuff in my classroom. Now imagine what that poor thing looks like right now.

Anyways, stopping by for a super quick peek at my LAST week of teaching here in KY. It is bittersweet and I am sure I will be super emotional by Friday but I’m holding strong for now. No promises at all though.
So last week was all things Valentine’s and we loved every second of it. Check out some of the fun from last week.

Love this fun math activity to show combinations of 10. This is a freebie that I posted and you can grab it here.

We love DeeDee and Deanna’s Guided Readers packs! “The problem is he has two more Valentine cards, one for Margaret and one for Lewis. And then he got an idea. He signed their names on the cards.”

Check out these awesome Valentine boxes! I was so impressed at how well they all did. Love family projects!
These are the cute Valentine cards that I gave to each of my kiddos. Now they can use them to practice their reading at home too! These are from Jennifer Drake.
Next week we will be learning all about the Presidents and American Symbols. We will be combining two of my Flippy Flaps into one to try to squeeze in as much as possible. Check them out below.
Here’s a glimpse at my very last set of lesson plans at Jackson Elementary šŸ™
I promise I will update you all above the move and everything. But for now, here is a quick peek at our new home!!! So excited!!!
Now head on over to DeeDee’s page to see what others are up to this week.

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