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Peek at Week: Thanksgiving Part 2

This week we only have 2 days of school then it is Thanksgiving Break! I cannot wait. We are having a very nontraditional Thanksgiving this year. First thing Wednesday morning, me and my daughter will be driving down to South Alabama to Fort Rucker to spend Thanksgiving with the hubs. Since we will not be getting in until late Wednesday, there is no time to prep a Thanksgiving meal so we will be having Thanksgiving out at whatever restaurant is open. Not what we are used to but at least we are together and hey, no dishes to clean so I call that a win! Then it will be on to Black Friday shopping!!! One of my favorite things! I start planning the second ads are posted and love the excitement! Since there is nothing, like literally nothing, in Fort Rucker, we will be driving 45 minutes to do our shopping. That’s one tradition that we cannot skip!
Well now to get through these next two days so we can be a whole family again for a short time. This week we are having a continuation of last week. We had a delay on Monday due to snow. What?!?! Snow in Novemeber?!?! I know! I was thinking the same thing but we actually got a little bit. 

So this delay just kind of messed up our entire week somehow so on Monday and Tuesday we are diving straight into Thanksgiving and nothing else. I have some awesome moms that are coming to help. I cannot wait. I will post pictures of our 2 day Mega Thanksgiving Unit later this week. But until then, here is our plans for the next two days.
Hope you have a great week and a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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