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Peek at Week: Winter

We survived the first week back after Christmas Break!!! Is it just me or does it almost feel like the first week of school all over again? It took a few days to settle back into our routine but we made it. Unfortunately I will be out for the next two weeks so who knows what will happen when I get back. Well, I’m still at the school next week but doing all of those fun assessments, yeah….. Then the next week I am heading to see hubs graduate flight school!!! So excited!!!
Anyways, back to school. So, this week was all about everything winter, and snow, and snowmen. We started the week off with all things snow. We did a little Tara and a little Deanna and DeeDee while exploring “The Snowy Day.” We had a blast! I really need to get better at this picture taking thing but here is what I do have. We started off by making a connection with Peter and telling our favorite thing to do in the snow. And how cute is this Peter craft!

Then we did a fun little sequencing to recall the important events in the story.

We ended the week with all things snowmen and one of my favorite books, “Sneezy the Snowman!” If you have not read this book you seriously need to check it out. It’s all about a snowman that does everything a snowman is not supposed to do.
We started off by reading just the first 4 pages of the story then we predicted what would happen when Sneezy drank the hot cocoa.
Then we finished the story to check our predictions. This was also the perfect time to throw in a little Frozen sing along. We watched Olaf sing “In Summer” talking about everything he wanted to do in summertime. Then we discussed why snowmen cannot do these things and what would happen. Then it was time for our class book. Each kid drew a picture of something that a snowman should not do. I love how cute these turn out! You can grab these from Deanna’s store.

                                  “go in a hot tub.”                 “be in summer because snowman would melt”

“go near fire. He will burn and melt”
We also did a little Sneezy sequencing too!
Then it was time to talk about how to make a snowman. We practiced some interactive writing together.

Then it was time to make a class snowman. The kids were divided into groups and each group was assigned a different part of the snowman to create. They were only given materials and nothing was pre-cut or pre-drawn. They had to work together to create their piece of the snowman. I love how hard they worked together and the great conversations!

Next week, while I am stuck in the hall doing assessments, my kiddos will be diving into Arctic Animals! One of my favorite units and so sad I have to miss it. Maybe I can sneak in for a few fun activities šŸ™‚ Check out below what we will be up too!
I’ve also been busy creating new Flippy Flaps!!! Check out all of the new additions below!!!
Now head on over to DeeDee’s page to see what others are up to this week.

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