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BR Blends Interactive Notebook


Hands-on, interactive activities to learn BR blends.

Pages: 40


This is a Blends Interactive Notebook to help students practice and learn the BR blend. There are 22 different activities for the BR Blends to help your students master the blend. You may choose which activities are best for your students. The activities include:

– Sort by Blend

– Blend Word Search

– ABC Order

– Roll, Write, Graph

– Spin, Write, Graph

– Real & Not Real Pockets

– Building Words

– Highlight then Trace

– Color the Pictures

– Decorate the Blend

– Spin, Read, Write

– Blend Boxes

– Spin, Spell, Write

– Blend Sliders

– Blend Wheel

– Write a Sentence

– Complete a Sentence

– Write and Draw

– Blend Puzzles

– Blend Flip Book

There are instructions and a picture for each activity also. This is a great interactive way for your students to practice and learn their word families. They will be begging to do these each week!

This set is part of a bundle. To see the R Blends bundle, click here:

R Blends Bundle

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