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CVC Boxes for Spelling Bundle


Hands-on, interactive activities to practice segmenting phonemes in CVC words.

Pages: 110


Want a fun, easy way to help your students segment phonemes in CVC words? Look no further!

This pack contains CVC words for each short vowel sound.

These CVC sound box cards can be used in centers, small groups, or during RTI time to help students practice segmenting phonemes in words. There are multiple ways to use these cards! Students can either place letter tiles or magnets in each box, write the letter in each box, or place a manipulative in each box as they say they sound.

Great beginning practice for reading and spelling words!

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short a
short e
short i
short o
short u

By purchasing the bundle you are getting 1 pack FREE!!!!

Hope you and your students find these fun and engaging!


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