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Digital Interactive Bundle Notebook for Google Classroom

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Digital and hands-on, interactive research projects year round bundle.

Pages: 900+

Included in this bundle:


Are you looking for weekly science and seasonal digital activities to use with your students throughout the school year? Your students will love the variety of themes with these digital interactive notebook using Google Slides! These are a fun, interactive, digital activity that can be incorporated into your Kindergarten or 1st Grade science lessons using Google Classrooms. Simply upload this as an assignment and make a copy for each student. When they have finished the activity, have the students turn it in!

Each digital interactive notebook will include a variety of slides such as videos, graphic organizers, writing prompts, labeling, sorting, and more!

***This is a growing bundle. Files will be added as I create them. Here is a tentative schedule of the themes to look forward to! By downloading now you are saving money. You may download each new file added to the bundle for no additional charge. Completed price will be over $230!!!***


– Back to School

– All About Me

– Apples

– Fall


– Fire Safety

– Bats

– Spiders

– Pumpkins


– Veteran’s Day

– Nutrition

– Turkeys

– Thanksgiving


– Gingerbread

– Reindeer

– Christmas

– Holidays Around the World


– New Years

– Martin Luther King Jr.

– Winter

– Penguins

– Polar Bears

– Walruses


– Groundhog Day

– Valentine’s Day

– President’s Day

– American Symbols

– Chinese New Year


– Plants

– St. Patrick’s Day

– Weather

– Oviparous Animals


– Easter

– Butterflies

– Insects

– Earth Day


– Ladybugs

– Bees

– Ants

– Cinco de Mayo


– Ocean Animals

– Sharks

– Frogs

– End of Year (Coming Soon!)


– Dinosaurs

– Space

– Farm

– Community Helpers

When you download this product, you will receive a PDF file with a link to the slides. Click the link to access the product. Disperse to your students using Google Classroom or a Google Drive Shared folder.



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