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IP Word Family Interactive Notebook


Hands-on, interactive activities to learn IP word families.

Pages: 39


This is a Word Family Interactive Notebook to help students practice and learn CVC words and word families. There are 22 different activities for the word family -ip to help your students master the word family. You may choose which activities are best for your students. The activities include:

– Sort by word family

– Word Family Word Search

– ABC Order

– Roll, Write, Graph

– Spin, Write, Graph

– Real & Not Real Pockets

– Building Words

– Highlight then Trace

– Color the Pictures

– Decorate the Word Family

– Spin, Read, Write

– Word Family Boxes

– Spin, Spell, Write

– Word Family Sliders

– Word Family Wheel

– Write a Sentence

– Complete a Sentence

– Write and Draw

– Word Family Puzzles

– Word Family Flip Book

There are instructions and a picture for each activity also. This is a great interactive way for your students to practice and learn their word families. They will be begging to do these each week!

This set is part of a bundle. To see the Short I Word family bundle, click here:

Short I Word Family Bundle

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