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Presidents Day Activity Interactive Notebook Digital Printable

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Digital and hands-on, interactive research projects for Presidents Day.

Pages: 40


Your students will love learning all about President’s Day, George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln with this printable and digital interactive notebook using Google Slides! This is a fun, interactive activity that can be incorporated into your Kindergarten or 1st Grade science lessons using Google Classrooms or simply printed and made into a lapbook to learn about this Winter season.

The digital version can be done whole group as a class or assigned to each student using Google Classrooms. To upload to Google Classroom, simply upload this as an assignment and make a copy for each student. When they have finished the activity, have the students turn it in!

The digital version includes slides for the following activities:

-President’s Day KWL

-Washington/Lincoln KWL

-Washington was/had/wanted

-Lincoln was/had/wanted

-President’s Day Videos

-Washington/Lincoln Research

-President’s Day Writing

-President’s Day Vocabulary

-Washington Timeline

-Lincoln Timeline

-Washington Facts

-Lincoln Facts

-and more!!!

This also includes the printable version that students can create their own lapbook to take home.

The printable version includes pages for the following activities:

✭ George Washington Word/Picture Match

✭ George Washington Facts

✭ George Washington had/was/did

✭ George Washington Timeline

✭ Favorite George Washington Book

✭ George Washington KWL

✭ All About George Washington

✭ Abraham Lincoln Word/Picture Match

✭ Abraham Lincoln Facts

✭ Abraham Lincoln had/was/did

✭ Abraham Lincoln Timeline

✭ Favorite Abraham Lincoln Book

✭ Abraham Lincoln KWL

✭ All About Abraham Lincoln

✭ President’s Day KWL

✭ President’s Day Vocabulary

✭ Favorite President’s Day Book

✭ Compare Abraham Lincoln & Donald Trump

✭ Compare Abraham Lincoln & George Washington

✭ Compare George Washington & Donald Trump

✭ All About Donald Trump

✭ Words to Describe a President

✭ When/Why we celebrate

✭ If I was President writing prompt

✭ If I could meet the President prompt

✭ What would it be like to live in the White House writing prompt

✭ and more



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