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Pumpkin Activities Interactive Notebook Lapbook


Hands-on, interactive research project for Pumpkin unit.

Pages: 25


It’s pumpkin picking time! Get your students excited for a fun pumpkin investigation! They will explore all about pumpkins inside and out in this fun, hands-on, Interactive, Science Flippy Flap Lapbook! Each worksheet activity includes directions on ow to assemble. Your students will be engaged and learn about pumpkins in many different ways!

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What activities are included:

☆ Pumpkins need/have/are

☆ Pumpkins have/look/feel

☆ Pumpkin Writing Prompt

☆ Label a pumpkin

☆ Life Cycle of a Pumpkin

☆ How to Carve a Pumpkin

☆ What You Can Make with Pumpkins

☆ Pumpkin KWL

☆ Pumpkin Vocabulary

☆ Pumpkin Facts

☆ Five Senses with Pumpkin

☆ Compare Pumpkins & Apples

☆ Seed from Pumpkin

☆ Pumpkin Class Graph

☆ Describe Pumpkin

☆ Pumpkin Colors

☆ Pumpkin Data for Your Own Pumpkin

☆ and more!

What do I still need?

☆ file folder, construction paper, or notebook

☆ scissors

☆ glue

☆ markers, crayons, or colored pencils

That is it!

How can this be used?

This resource can be used in many different ways. Please use this as it best fits your classroom and your students.

You can have your students create a lapbook from a file folder so they have a keepsake to bring home.

Students can also use these activities in an interactive notebook and keep them throughout the school year.

This is a great way for your kids to be engaged in learning about pumpkins! If you have any questions please let me know! Hope you and your students have a great time exploring pumpkins!

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