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Have you ever needed a quick warm-up activity to use during Guided Reading while you are getting the rest of the class settled into their activity? Well look no further, these cover up games are perfect to have your students immediately get started learning while you on your way to them. No more wasted time while they wait on you!

This is a bundle pack to help students with identifying and listening for words with the S Blend, L Blend, and R Blend. There are 5 different sheets for each blend family so each student at your group can have a different sheet to practice the same skill.

This pack can be used as a cover up style activity with bingo chips or counters so that the sheets can be reused over and over. You may also choose to have students color the circles or use bingo daubers on their sheets. Again, you may use this as you see fit best in your classroom.

This is also great for an early finisher activity or to be used in literacy centers. So many options for this product!

By buying this bundle you are saving 20%
Take a look at each individual pack included in the bundle!
Cover It Up L Blends
Cover It Up R Blends
Cover It Up S Blends

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