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School’s Out Blog Blowout

I’m teaming up with a group of amazing bloggers to bring you a School’s Out Blog Blowout! We have everything you need to help you start your summer break, a reading list, summer bucket list, limited time freebies, and a huge giveaway!!!

During the school year I rarely have time to read. I know, I know, I need to make time to read because I enjoy it so much but sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day. Over the summer I have a lot more free time so I try to get as much reading done as I can.

I have heard about so many amazing Professional Development books recently that I had to grab a few to read over the summer. I am so excited to learn more from each of these books and hope they help me grow as an educator.

Every summer, I do read Daily 5. I love incorporating Daily 5 into my Literacy Block. It was one of the best decisions I have made for my classroom a few years ago. After Christmas, the Daily 5 routine becomes so easy flowing that I almost forget how we got to that amazing point. So every summer I go back over the Daily 5 book to freshen up on how to introduce Daily 5 to a brand new group of students. This book is amazing and has been a life changer for me!

This summer I am also participating in a book study on the book Text-Dependent Questions by Douglas Fisher & Nancy Frey. This book is geared towards close readings in the classroom which is something I wanted to improve on next school year. I am so excited to start this book study with some great friends! Check back on the blog every Friday for a new chapter!

Towards the end of the school year, I always start making an insane long list of everything I want to accomplish during my summer vacation. I usually don’t even knock out half of the list but it’s ok. Here are a few things that I do hope to accomplish this summer break!


This is something I say every summer. And actually I am really good about exercising during the school year too. But over the summer I feel like I can devote more time to my fitness routine. Actually I have been able to go to the gym in and morning AND at night. Whoo hoo!!!

I love my Zumba classes but I joined a new gym and am absolutely loving adding new classes to my routine. I am totally loving cycling and strength training! I think these will be my new gym loves!

I am also trying to get better at running. I hate running with a passion but I know it’s good for me. And this trail is walking distance from my house so what better way to start my running journey than on this gorgeous trail!


My list of TPT creations is growing like crazy. Sometimes I feel like I will never get everything created but I definitely want to make a dent in a few of the products. I have already gotten two things crossed off my list! Check them out below.     Beginning Digraphs Interactive Notebooks Bundle

 Here’s a very small sneak peek at a few other things I have been working on. Look for them very soon!


So a few months ago, we packed our bags and moved across country. Well, the bags are unpacked but that is about it. We have nothing set up, nothing on the walls. And let’s just say that our house is twice the size of our old house (insert happy squeals) so that means that we are in major need of some new furniture and some decorations. I mean seriously, look at our living room, lol.

Now don’t panic too much and think that we have no furniture. All of our old furniture went into the basement which is where we spend 90% of our day. We still have a lot of decorating down here to do but at least we have a place to sit.

At least my office is coming along. I still need to get things on the wall and buy some more little odds and ends.


Every summer it is vacation after vacation all summer long. But when I say vacation, I really mean going back home and seeing family. Last year we went from Alabama, to Georgia, to New York and back all seeing family. So it was a vacation away from home but not a real vacation.

Well this year is our first Family Vacation in I can’t even count how long. And the destination is….

Well, ok, I am going for the TPT conference too (EEK!!!) but we are also making a family vacation out of it before the conference. This will be my first TPT conference and our first family vacation. We are beyond excited!!! T minus 5 days until we leave!!!!


 Every summer I am always go, go, go, busy, busy, busy. This is the first summer that we have almost no plans so I plan on doing a lot of relaxing, binge watching TV shows and a lot of pool relaxing too!

I know that nobody wants to think about back to school time this early, but if you are starting to prepare and get ready for the crazy back to school time, let me help you out with a limited time only FREEBIE! My kids have loved learning with Interactive Notebooks this past year. We used them for almost every subject and every topic.

My students were able to master their sight words by using these interactive notebooks. These activities made learning sight words fun! I am giving away the first set of Pre-Primer Sight Words for free this week only! Make sure to grab it now!

Pre-Primer Dolch Sight Word Interactive Notebooks Set 1

Here’s a look at the activities in the pack. Each pack contains the same activities with different words to allow the students to become familiar with the activities so they can complete them independently.

This pack is part of a bundle. Check out the bundle here.

Pre-Primer Dolch Sight Word Interactive Notebooks Bundle

I also have these packs available for other sets of sight words. Check them out below!

Primer Dolch Sight Word Interactive Notebooks Bundle      1st First Grade Dolch Sight Word Interactive Notebooks Bundle

2nd Second Grade Dolch Sight Word Interactive Notebooks Bundle     3rd Third Grade Dolch Sight Word Interactive Notebooks Bundle

Fry First 100 Words Sight Word Interactive Notebooks Bundle     Fry Second 100 Words Sight Word Interactive Notebooks Bundle

Enter below for this amazing giveaway

Now hop on over to check out more of our School’s Out Blog Blowout!

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