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Summer Reading Stash: Favorite Characters

Hey guys! We are back for another round of Reading Stash to help you stock up your library and get ready for the school year. This week is all about our favorite storybook characters!

 Ok, let me start with a disclaimer first. I am terrible at remembering to take pictures of my kids in action. Like I usually think about it as I am relaxing on my couch at home after the school day is over. The past few weeks I have been super lucky to find some pictures. However, this week, not so much. So to make it up to you, I will include some fun Pinterest links for some great ideas to do with each story.

I love reading storybook character books throughout the school year. Most storybook character books have many books that can be used in different themes throughout the school year so we can keep visiting the same characters over and over.

1. Pete the Cat

I love, love, love reading this story on the first day of school. And all of you know how crazy the first day of school is which is why I am a little short on pictures šŸ™‚ But let me try to explain what I do with the story. After we read the story a note falls out of the book and the note is from Pete!!! Pete tells the kids that he is in our school visiting so of course we have to go and find Pete. This begins our tour of the school. Each student gets a school passport and as we find clues from Pete they get a sticker of each place they visit for their passport. They can then bring this home to tell their parents about everywhere they visited in the school.

I love the idea of having the students make their own Pete the Cat too. I am definitely going to add a few of these awesome ideas from Teacher by the Beach into my plans for this year. You can check them out below.

Teacher by the Beach: Pete the Cat:

And just for fun. I was able to visit the Pete the Cat Gallery last Christmas and can I just say that I wanted to buy them all!!! But I did snacth up one for my classroom šŸ™‚

2. Froggy’s First Kiss

We love the Froggy books! So many great choices to read throughout the school year. I think my favorite is Froggy’s First Kiss. Froggy has a crush on a classmate and wants to make her a Valentine’s Day card. Such a cute book!!! After we read the story, we make this adorable Froggy or Frogilina craft from First Grade Blue Skies. I love this craft for Valentine’s Day! You can check it out below.

First Grade Blue Skies: Frogilina is Here! Froggy's First Kiss Update:

Click here for link.

3. Cat in the Hat

We love Dr. Seuss stories and we spend an entire week just on these stories. To end the week long celebration, we invite our parents to come and celebrate our Dr. Seuss fun. To check out my Seuss on the Loose blog post, click here

When we read these stories we love talking about rules that we have at home and what we should do if we are home alone. We also talk about if we should ever open the door for strangers. After we discuss the book, we have fun making these cute Cat in the Hat hats!

4. Elephant and Piggy

Ok, I saved the best for last. Elephant and Piggie books are my absolute favorite!!! My teaching BFF introduced these books to me and I immediately fell in love. She would read them to my class all of the time. I totally should have recorded her reading them because she would make you fall in love with them too with her voices and expressions and just everything. Then at the end of the story, the kids go on a pigeon hunt to find the pigeon hiding on the back cover. Before they hunt they sing this chant. Teacher says one line, then the students repeat.

We’re going on a pigeon hunt
We’re going on a pigeon hunt
We’re gonna find a pigeon
We’re gonna find a pigeon
And when we find the pigeon
And when we find the pigeon

(say this part as fast as you can)
 We’re going to sit as quietly as we can and put our finger on our nose until everyone finds him.

Anyways, I love using these books with our writing units to teach about voice and speech bubbles. After we read a few of them, my kids fall in love with using speech bubbles and I see them everywhere. I think I am definitely adding this bulletin board activity to my plans this year. Such a fun craft and great way to introduce speech bubbles!
Elephant and Piggie bulletin boards. Kids make elephant and Piggie using paper plates and paper cut into face parts. Then let the students choose what funny thing they are saying!:

Click here for link.

Now head on over to Laura’s page for some more great books to snatch up!
And head over to Katie’s page to thank her for this amazing summer link-up!

Check out some amazing Favorite Character Resources below and link yours up too!

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