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Summer Reading Stash: Historical

How can summer already be over?!?! I head back to in-services today. I am so not ready to put on real clothes but I guess we must. I hope that you have been able to relax and catch up on a few things and even grab some great books for the school year. 

This week we are linking up to bring you some Social Studies books to add to your library. So sit back and grab your cup of coffee and enjoy hoping around and finding some great new books!

1. Hero Dad

Ok, this is probably my all time favorite book and I cannot get through it without crying. This book really touches home since my daughter is an Army child and I teach at a school on base so all of my students have a parent in the military. Such an amazing community and I am so excited to be part of it. There is also a Hero Mom too.

This book talks about a little boy telling all of the reasons that his dad is a hero and a Superhero. It is the most precious book you will ever read and it is perfect for Veteran’s Day! After we read the story we talk about how important their mom and dad’s job in the Army is. Then they each write why their mom or dad is their hero and we make this adorable solider craft from Miss Kindergarten. These are the most precious things I read all year! (This is our in progress picture)

 2. I Am Abraham Lincoln & I Am George Washington

 These books are so cute and are written so that our little ones can understand the lives of each of these famous presidents. They are perfect for President’s Day. They are actually part of a series of Famous People that Changed the World. Great series for the younger students. We love reading them and comparing how our lives are different then their lives. It’s so funny to listen to the kids and how surprised they are when they find out they do not have all of the technology that we have today. One of the crafts that we make to go along is this cute craft from Deanna Jump. The students make their own Abe Lincoln then write about something that is important to them on his hat. Just like Lincoln’s hat was important to him.

3. Martin’s Big Words

This is a great book to talk to your student’s about Martin Luther King Jr. I find this at times to be a difficult subject to teach about but it is one that absolutely needs to be discussed. This book helps break down the important events in Martin’s life into a way that younger students can understand. It is written very simple and helps open up many discussions in the classroom. We then make this adorable Martin Luther King Jr craft from Regan Tunstall and write our dream for the future inside.

4. The Bald Eagle

We spend a week discussing different American Symbols. Each day we focus on a different symbol. One of my favorites is The Bald Eagle.
This book series is great to read throughout the week to discuss each of the different American Symbols. These are great short books that talk about how each symbol became a symbol and what the symbol means for our country. They are very easy reading books filled with great facts!
After you read about the bald eagle, you have to make an eagle of your own of course. This project is so fun because the students trace their hands and foot to create their very own bald eagle. They all turn out so fun and unique.

5. Pilgrim’s First Thanksgiving
This is a great book to discuss how the Pilgrims came to America and everything they endured once they got here. This story discusses how the Native Americans helped the Pilgrim’s and talks bout the very first Thanksgiving. This is such a great story to tell to talk about friendship and the importance of this holiday. After we read the story, we make these retelling bracelets so the students can go home and tell their parents about the very first Thanksgiving. These are so fun and easy to make. You can find them on Jennifer Drake’s page. And I love that the students use these to remember all of the important details from the First Thanksgiving.
Are you ready for some more great Social Studies books? Head on over to Just Add Students for some more amazing books!
And head on over to Katie’s blog to thank her for another amazing week of our Reading Stash blog hop!

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