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Viva Las Vegas

Words cannot express how amazing last week was! My head is still spinning with everything that happened. I met some amazing teachers. Made some great new friends! And learned so much that I can barely contain it. It’s mid-July and I am so ready and excited to get back to school to start using everything that is trying to burst through my head!

Today I am linking up with Elementary Entourage to share a few things that I did and learned last week!
Can we start with this amazing room!!! I felt like I was royalty living in a mansion. I could have totally moved in here and stayed forever. I think the room may have actually been bigger than my house. Ok, not really, but close šŸ™‚
So, I was only able to go to the I Teach Kinder Conference, not the TPT Conference. But wow, these sessions were amazing!!! The presenters were great and I learned so much and so ready to take it back to the classroom!!! Here are a few of my favorite sessions from DeeDee Wills, Mary Amoson, Julie Lee, Kim Adsit, and Elizabeth Hall.
So many amazing ideas and I am definitely going to be using a lot of these ideas next school year so be on the look out for future posts of ideas that I learned from them! And guys, let me tell you. These ladies are the most down to Earth real people. They were so sweet and fun to talk to. I just had such a blast meeting each of them!
Tuesday night, me and my mom had to get out of the hotel and sight see some. The hotels were just simply amazing!

We ended the evening by going to see Terry Fator. He was absolutely amazing! I have not laughed that hard in a long time. I definitely recommend his show if you ever get the chance to see him.

Ok, now Wednesday was a crazy day!!!! And when I say crazy, I mean like jam packed no time for sleep kind of day. It started with an amazing Jazzercise session with Rachelle from What the Teacher Wants. And yes, I woke up at 6:45 AM just to go to this. And let me tell you it was totally worth it! I was exhausted afterwards but felt so great getting in a workout before sessions. Definitely found a love for Jazzercise!
Ok, then it was rush like crazy. I had 35 minutes to get back to the room, shower freshen up, change clothes, get breakfast, and get to my first session. Totally doable right??? WRONG!!!! After literally running through the Venetian like a crazy lady, rushing to get dressed, my mom getting me breakfast, and I was making such good time, I totally got stuck on the elevator. AHHHHHH!!!! No worries though, I made it to my first session with a minute and half to spare. Now how is that for timing šŸ™‚
So Wednesday night was the BIG Meet Up. And wow! There were people everywhere. 1200 people came!!! It was crazy, fun, exciting, packed, and everything you can imagine when you squeeze 1200 teachers into one big room, and so much more. I was a little very shy at first. But one of my new friends pushed me to get out there and mingle. Thank you Sandy for the much needed push! But seriously, look at this crowd of people!!! And this is only one side of the room.
There was also $55,000 worth of giveaways!!!!! Sadly I am unlucky and didn’t win a thing. I mean they seriously called every number around me and every form of my number possible but oh well. Better luck next year. But just for going, you got tons of FREE goodies like makers, bulletin board sets, scentos, stickers, activity pads, die cuts, and so much more!
I also got to meet some amazing new friends! Had so much fun meeting people that I talk to online but now in the real world! So many amazing people that I was able to connect with.
Cristy, Laura, Terri, and Sandy!
Then it was time for me to head back home to get my daughter to her State Speech Competition (which she did awesome at by the way if I can brag). Challenge number 1. Getting everything into to suitcase that I bought. Did I mention that the vendors were awesome and passed out tons of freebies!!! Plus everything I purchased. Yeah, totally should have brought a second suitcase, lesson learned.

I ended up winning an awesome prize from the vendors too!!!! One free year of ESGI!!!! Could not be more excited!!! And I was hoping to get just a stressball, lol. Now I am all set for next year!
This was one of the best experiences that I have had and I will definitely be going again next year! And next year I hope to attend TPT also. But as for this year, I had to get this girl off to rock her competition!
Now head on over to Elementary Entourage to see what others did in Vegas! Hope to see you in Vegas next year!!! Now I am off to unpack and rest before getting back to my room to set up!

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