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Rhyming Activity and Small Group Games | Phonemic Awareness | Science of Reading


Engaging activities to practice rhyming.

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Help your students with Rhyming Words and Rhyme Production with these fun Rhyming Activities and Games for Small Groups! These 16 Rhyming games are great to use as phonemic awareness warm-ups or lessons during your Small Group Reading block to help your students with Phonological Awareness.

Practice Rhyming Words with your students in a whole group or small group setting with these fun rhyming games and activities. There is a great variety of Rhyme Production and Rhyme Recognition games to last you all year long while keeping your students engaged.


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What Rhyming games are included:

☆ Rhyming Words Bingo

☆ Rhyming Words Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down

☆ Rhyming Words Match It Up

☆ Rhyming I’m Thinking of a Word

☆ Rhyming Words Match & Cover

☆ Rhyming Words Fluency Board Games

☆ Rhyming Words Feed Me

☆ Rhyming Words Fruit Salad

☆ Rhyming Words Chant

☆ Rhyming Words Connect Four

☆ Rhyming Words Skill Cards

☆ Rhyming Words Pocket Chart

☆ Rhyming Words Trash It

☆ Rhyming Words SWAT

How can these rhyming games be used?

☆ Small Groups

☆ Small Group Warm-Ups

☆ Center Activities

☆ Whole Group Lessons

☆ Perfect to use with substitutes

☆ Great to use with classroom volunteers


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