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Space Research Activities Interactive Notebook Lapbook


Hands-on, interactive research projects to learn about Space..

Pages: 32


Make outer space research fun for kindergarteners! Turn your students into astronauts as they research outer space and explore space facts through this hands-on, science interactive notebook! 

When it’s time to teach outer space to kindergarteners, there’s one thing we all know it must be: FUN. 

But let’s not stop at just FUN. 

These outer space research activities can give you peace of mind knowing that you can use these outer space research activities all week long!  No need to go hunting for anything else space themed.

This outer space research activity goes beyond just a worksheet, with lots of fun space flips and flaps to make, and various interactive outer space activities. 

Your astronauts will be engaged and learn about outer space in many different ways and will have a keepsake lapbook to bring home and share with their families!

***Click here for the digital version***

What outer space activities are included:

All About The Planets – learn different facts about planets and draw and write them on each flap

Space KWL – tap into the students’ prior knowledge and schema while also figuring out what they want to learn during the space unit

Astronauts can/have/are – students create a mini anchor chart to describe astronauts

The Moon is/looks/has – students create a mini anchor chart to describe the moon

The Sun is/can/helps – students create a mini anchor chart to describe the sun

Space Vocabulary – students will discover new outer space words

Moon Facts – document student learning by recording interesting facts throughout the unit

Sun Facts – document student learning by recording interesting facts throughout the unit

Label an Astronaut – learn different parts of an astronaut’s gear by matching and labeling

Label a Diagram – learn different parts of space and planets by matching and labeling

Types of Constellations – explore different constellations by looking at pictures and storing them in a pocket

Create a Constellation – using stickers and markers, create a constellation and give it a name

Phases of the Moon – ever wonder how the moon goes from a full moon to a new moon? Put the phases in order to find out!

Planets Research Booklet – want to learn more about a specific planet? Learn about what the planet looks like, is made of, interesting facts, and more!

Planet Order Book – which planets are closets to the sun and furthest? Put them in order in this fun accordion book

Inner/Outer Planet Sort – which planets are in the inner and outer part of the solar system? Sort them with this fun flap

If I met an alien, I would… Writing Prompt – Get students writing all about what they would do if they met an alien

If I was an astronaut, I would… Writing prompt – Get students writing all about if they were an astronaut

Favorite Space Book – pair this with your favorite outer space book

Space Word/Picture Match – match outer space words with their pictures in fun flaps

Compare Moon & Earth – use a Venn Diagram to compare the Earth and Moon

Compare Moon & Sun – use a Venn Diagram to compare the moon and sun

What do I still need?

☆ file folder, construction paper, or notebook

☆ scissors

☆ glue

☆ markers, crayons, or colored pencils

That is it!

How can this be used?

This resource can be used in many different ways.

You can have your students create a lapbook from a file folder so they have a keepsake to bring home.

Students can also use these activities in an interactive notebook and keep them throughout the school year.

Please use this as it best fits your classroom and your students.

This is a great way for your kids to be engaged in learning about space! If you have any questions please let me know! Hope you and your students have a great time exploring space!

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